WEN 73002 500-Pound Capacity 40 by 17-Inch Service Utility Cart


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Best Service Utility Carts for you in 2019

If you are running a business of your own then you must definitely have a couple of utility carts lying around in your warehouse. And if one of them is ready to say goodbye and you are looking for a new rolling tool cart to buy; let us tell you about a couple of utility carts. Like WEN Service Utility Cart, the utility cart is also getting better and better with passing years, so here we will shortlist some of the great choices this year.

Pearington Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Commercial Grade

The product is available for $120 on Amazon Prime and it has all the right reasons to be bought in the first place. These utility carts with wheels come with two heavy shelves that can take up to 500 Lbs of evenly distributed weight with industrial strength polypropylene metal. It has a five-inch non-marring caster for push carts and five small compartments for miscellaneous products as well. The product comes with locking brakes that allow safety in maneuvering the product. The product can be used in all sorts of places such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products 2-Shelf Utility/Service Cart

The utility cart is costing $170 on Amazon Prime and is made out of high-density structural foam. It is light weighted, self- rolling, and easy to maneuver as well. It has ergonomically designed handle that allows for comfortable movement with a five-inch non-marking, thermoplastic rubber, and swivel casters. The casters are shock absorbent, floor protective, and silent as well. These utility carts with wheels are well suited for carpets, wood, concrete, and other surfaces. They have peerless customization that includes hooks, notches, customizable fittings, easy access bottom shelf, and molded-in storage. Rubbermaid is a well-known manufacturer of the rolling tool cart with a truly iconic brand identity to the American culture just like WEN Service Utility Cart. The product comes with a one year warranty, and any defects spotted in the product within a year can be reported to the company.

Original Tubster Extra Large – Shelf Utility Cart

The product is available at $150 on Amazon Prime. This is a massive utility cart with the dimensions of 45.5″ x 24.5″. It is made of high-density polyethylene shelves and PVC legs. The product can take up to 500lbs of weight and has secured deep tubs. There is a clearance of 19.5-inches between the tubs. So the storage space is plenty for pileups on the bottom floor. The product has received glowing reviews and is well recommended by peers!

Rubbermaid Commercial Utility Cart

This is the supreme utility cart with total tool storage and mobile workbench system. It has two shelves, two-part boxes and four-part bins that can take up to 330 lbs of materials. The storage bin allows the user to take the tools with them and it is also well designed for hard surfaces. The distance between the two shelves is 19-inches across, so the utility carts with wheels are good for piling stuff on the lower shelf.

Original Tubster – Collapsible Wire Cart

The product is available for $150 on Amazon Prime. This is a commercial grade cart that can hold up to 200 pounds of weight and has an anti-corrosion chrome. It can be folded into a slim and a compact thing that can be placed in small spaces such as storage closets. The rolling tool cart comes with four rolling casters that roll full 360 degrees and the cart is truly easy to maneuver even with fully stacked compartments. As stated earlier, Tubster is a trusted brand in the industry and their products are well acclaimed in the community.

Crayata Serving and Bus Cart

The product is available for $159 on Amazon Prime and is basically focused on the catering industry. This is a product that is designed for serving beverages and food on buses, hotels, restaurants, florists, caterers, and similar places. The product has three strong polypropylene shelves with 40x20x38 dimensions. The 38-inches height allows plenty of space between shelves and long objects can be stacked there as well.

Rubbermaid Commercial 9T6571BG Three-Shelf Service Cart

The rolling tool cart is available for $220 on Amazon Prime. The product comes in a beige color and has three shelves to offer as well. The product can take up to a hundred pounds in weight if weight is evenly distributed between the shelves. This is ideal for recreational and comfort industry as the carts are more suited for commercial use than industrial.


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