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Cimexa Dust Insecticide Review 2019 | How to Apply

Rockwell Labs CXID032 CimeXa Dust Insecticide 4oz. White is a new release for killing bedbugs. It can help you eliminate bugs and insects within no time. If you apply the CimeXa bedbug dust to areas that like wall voids that remain undisturbed for a long time, then the effects of the insecticide can stay up there for as long as a decade. The CimeXa insecticide dust is safe, odorless, and does not leave behind any stains.

This bed bug powder is very effective on pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs. The CimeXa insecticide dust works wonders on ants, mites, moths and drywood termites. CimeXa bedbug powder gets absorbed in skin coating of insects and force them to die due to no hydration outlet.

Rockwell Labs CXID032 Cimexa Dust Insecticide 4oz White can be used for the following purposes:

  • To control the spread of bed bugs, ticks, lice, roaches, spiders, and other pests
  • To kill bed bug adults, nymphs, and nymphs that hatch from dusted eggs
  • To treat cracks, crevices, mattresses, carpets, voids, pet rest areas, attics, and other areas usually hidden from sight or contact
  • To provide the cleaning action for about 10 years

Application of CimeXa Insecticide Dust

CimeXa bedbug dust does not stain your furniture and does not absorb water vapor unless the humidity is exceptionally high. The bedbug powder does not clump and maintains its active ability once it has been applied. 2s oz. is enough for a space of 100 Sq. Ft. You can use the CimeXa bottle as a puffer which enables you to evenly cover a larger area and apply the CimeXa insecticide dust properly.

Bedbugs tend to hide wherever they can find a place to hide. And most of those places are hidden from the plain side and tucked into corners and slits. Using CimeXa insecticide dust in the middle of the room is not enough usually. But the sides and corners are important. You must cover those spaces and the undersides of them because that is where all the bed bugs and their eggs are.

So, most of your treatment must be done under the lip of the carpet. A dust insecticide like Rockwell Labs CXID032 CimeXa Dust Insecticide 4oz White is an excellent choice because it works after for quite a long time after application.

Find the Perfect Solution for Bed Bugs

As soon as people find out they have bed bugs in the house they start pouring their money down the drain, spending on various different ways to get away from them. They spend an excessive amount of time and effort on washing, cleaning,  drying, and much more. Some even tend to buy tons of alcohol or steamers (pretty expensive), and many insecticides products that could possibly rid them of the bed bugs. The outcome in most cases is usually the same; nothing works.

Bed bugs are simply difficult to get rid of since they are usually pretty immune to over the counter sprays. Alcohol mixed with water usually does the trick. When bed bugs make contact with it, it kills them. But it is pretty much impossible to find every single one since they hide in all kinds of slits, corners, and holes. So for long term effect, even alcohol and water does not work.

CimeXa insecticide dust changes things. It is a small purchase you definitely won’t regret. You can put the powder into slits and tiny spaces where bed bugs usually tend to hide. Cover the backs of furniture, under the mattress, and construction gaps. Make sure that you do not get the CimeXa bedbug dust wet. If it gets wet it is very likely that the chemicals won’t work and it would all be for nothing.

Where to Buy CimeXa Insecticide Dust?

The price is very reasonable and affordable. You can purchase Rockwell Labs CXID032 CimeXa Dust Insecticide 4oz White at Amazon for under $20. You can also purchase a bottle at eBay, Target, and Walmart. You no longer have to spend a boatload of money and waste your efforts with other products when you can just as easily purchase CimeXa insecticide dust and get rid of bed bugs forever.


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