Misc Home [20 Pack] 32 Oz Two Compartment Meal Prep Containers BPA-Free [Black]



What’s the biggest obstacle you face when it comes to healthy eating? Let me guess: always running short on time? These days, everyone has a lot on their plates with family life, corporate life, and social activities so having a healthy lifestyle can be difficult at times. There is hardly any time left for cooking healthy nutritious meals.

This is where meal prepping comes in. It has been the solution to this problem through which you can eat healthy without being tied to the kitchen juggling utensils all day. When it comes to meal prep, you can choose a day when you have some free time on your hands, turn on some music, chop some vegetables, and prepare home cooked meals for your entire week.

Meal Prep Containers in demand

With meal prep gaining fast popularity, meal prep containers have reached new heights of consumer demand. The most commonly used are the meal prep 2 compartment food containers, pre-meal containers, freezer to microwave containers, and meal prep microwave food containers. There are countless meal prep container sets currently up for purchase at the market. Before you get confused and make hasty choices, let us help you narrow down your choices by our review for the best Misc home meal prep containers.

Let’s first take a look at a few factors you must consider when making a purchase for a meal prep container:

Freezer to Microwave Containers Material

Whether you’re purchasing meal prep 2 compartment food containers, pre-meal containers or freezer to microwave containers, the material of the container is an important choice to make. Plastic containers have been in the market for quite some time along with glass and metal ones.

Lid Quality

The best lids keep your food fresh and snug inside your pre-meal container. Even if you drop the container or it gets pushed around during travel, with the best quality lids the food does not leak and remains fresh and ready for eating. Snap-On lid is in trend these days. It keeps the container airtight and keeps your food fresh.


Containers with compartments are available for people who wish to keep two food items separate. Meal prep2 compartment food containers are the best option for dividers. This also allows you to keep all of your food in one container instead of having to carry multiple containers.

Top Picks of Plastic Food Storage Containers 2019

Misc. Home Glass Meal Prep Containers

Misc Home Glass Meal Prep Containers are one of the favorite ones in our list. These are meal prep 2 compartment food containers with vented snap-on lids. The company has to use borosilicate glass for these pre-meal containers which are stronger than the cheaper, and less durable tempered glass.

The material of these containers is comparable to Pyrex. These meal prep microwave food containers work perfectly at a variety of temperatures whether is microwave hot or freezer cold. Misc guarantees 100% satisfaction for its products, so you can purchase this set of containers without any fear of having to put up with the bad quality purchase.

Glass Meal Prep Containers

Glass Meal Prep Containers comes with a smart locking system that can prevent leaks and spills over time. It comes with one compartment only but still with its depth and good size, it can store a complete lunch. So it’s easy to use on the go. You can buy a pair of containers for family outings or bring lunch for your colleagues in the office. It is a perfect choice for school going kids. It is made from silicate glass so you do not have to keep food in plastic containers anymore.

It can be a perfect alternative against cheap containers in the market right now. Along with that, what else do you get? It is microwave friendly, so just put the whole container inside without worrying about health hazards. Though it’s a glass container, it is safe for freezers and dishwashers. It doesn’t break easily due to its thick Borosilicate glass material, so temperature limits are higher than other common containers.

You can find a lot of containers in the market these days. They can be microwaved and are freezer friendly but important question is it safe for health? Plastic containers a complete no when it comes to food. Make a wise decision when getting containers.


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