Dr. Brown’s Cheers 360 Spoutless Training Cup, 6m+, 7 Ounce, Blue




Dr. Brown’s Cheers Spoutless Training Cup Review and Pricing Details

If you are a parent, you must know that raising kids up is not a kid’s stuff, not at all. Now if your baby is older than six months, gear up for the many milestones that are going to jam-pack you.

One revolution on this track of independence is probably weaning. This is exactly where Dr. Browns spoutless training cup can give you a huge favor.

It is specifically designed for babies of over six months of age to ensure spill-free drinking of liquids. Besides, your little bundle of joy can achieve a sense of autonomy by holding as well as sipping foods on his own.

As per the suggestion of The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), an eighteen months old baby requires a complete switch from bottles to cups. This is for the reason that it’s essential for the prevention of tooth decay as well as other issues related to oral health.

Did You Know Why Parents Are Seeking After Dr. Browns Sippy Spoutless Cup?

As a matter of fact, shifting your toddler from a bottle to a conventional cup requires considerable time, practice and asks for your patience too. In order to make this process smooth and splatter-free, it’s advisable to make use of a training cup.  When searching for the right training cup in the store or online, you’ll definitely find no better option than Dr. Brown’s sippy spoutless cup. Not only the sippy cup offers high functionality but ensures good health of your kids too.

In fact, all the products from the shelf of Dr. Brown’s are well-recognized and approved by the medical community. Moreover, Dr.Brown’s has earned many awards due to manufacturing revolutionary and winning baby products. Also, the manufacture of this innovative training cup has taken place after doing complete research and development in the respective area. For that reason, the number of moms putting their trust in this product is increasing with every passing day.

Dr. Brown’s Sippy Cup Reviews

Let’s have a look at the reviews of this cool training cup for your tots:

  • It Allows Mess-free and Spill-Free Drinking

Brown’s spoutless sippy cup is becoming the first preference of most parents due to varied reasons. For the most part, it’s there to train the baby to drink sip by sip at his pace and that too with making no mess. Due to this reason, it can be an efficient linking of the shift from breastfeeding to drinking from a regular open cup. So, give your toddler leak-proof learning by bringing home just what the doctor ordered.

  • It Comes with Sip and See Feature

Your ankle biter can drink from any edge of the 360-degree spoutless training cup. On top of that, its silicone valves allow seeing inside as your baby sips, thus making the activity more engaging.

  • It’s Easy to Clean and Refills

As far as its design is concerned, it’s beveled, similar to a cup of a grown-up. Since children use to do messy eating, they possibly hold the cup with oily hands cleaning of which can be a bit troublesome. However, the exclusive shape of this spoutless sippy cup allows easy cleaning by not sliding when you get a grip on it.

Aside from that, the translucency of the sides of this spoutless cup helps you to refill the cup as your baby finishes drinking.

  • It Allows Ease of Gripping

The handles of The Cheers360™ cup assists the toddlers to grip independently while sipping. This type of smooth handling can prepare them to hold things more powerfully as they grow.

Another notable feature making parents fall in love with the Dr. Browns training cup is its internally threaded lid. In case your child throws it, (as children usually throw many objects) the lid won’t come off which happens with products of other brands.

  • Its Top Rack is Dishwasher-Friendly

As an added bonus to its convenience, the top rack of this sippy cup is safe to use in a dishwasher.

  • Its Dentist’s Favorite

Dentists have recommended the spoutless sippy cups for a gradual yet successful transition from bottle feeding to consumption from the cup we all use regularly. Nonetheless, keep in mind to give water or sugar-free liquids in the sippy cups most of the times. Or else, your child will be at higher risk of developing dental caries.

What About the Dr. Brown’s Sippy Spout Cup Prices?

You can bring home the 7 oz/200 ml, BPA-Free, Dr. Brown’s sippy spout cup for a 6m+ toddler in just $ 11.85. Isn’t that very reasonable? It’s also available in various sizes and multiple colors so buy the one that would appeal your child more. So get it for your baby who is going to be tickled pink after making his first grip on Dr. Brown’s sippy cup.

The Bottom Line

This silicone valve spoutless training cup offers ease of gripping, available in multi colors and different sizes, allows the sip and see feature and what not? You can give your kids optimal nutrition with the innovativeness in their training cups.

Above all, the price of this sought-after sippy cup is extremely to die for. It’s not going to burn a hole in your pocket and it’s totally worth having Dr. Brown’s sippy cup for your little ones. On the whole, this Dr. Brown’s training cup can contribute significantly if you want to raise your toddlers in a lovely, caring and enjoyable manner.


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