Door Weather Stripping, Keliiyo Window Seal Strip for Doors and Windows- Self-adhesive Foam Weather Strip Door Seal | Soundproof Seal Strip Insulation Gap Blocker Epdm D Type 66ft(20m) 2 Pack (White)


Best Weather Stripping for Doors Review 2019

The winter is gone, and summer is right upon us. You are wondering why your air-conditioning is not up to the mark yet? Whenever you turn on your AC, you feel that the cooling is not building in the room. The reason is that the cooling is leaking from the corners of your doors and windows and that causes your room to remain warm. The result is that your AC is working extra hard to give out the cold air and your electricity bills are going up without you even realizing. This problem can be easily solved by weather stripping for exterior doors.

Indoor weather stripping is basically the process of sealing off the corners of your windows and doors so that the air does not leak and your room temperature control devices such as heaters and Air conditioners do not have to work one extra mile to make things look good at your end.

Here is our list of weather stripping for old doors available in the market. We have reviewed them so that you would have a clear idea of how they work:

Draft Stopper

The “4 Pack NRG Door Sweep Draft Stopper Weatherization and Insulation 36″1 5/8″ Clear and White Vinyl” is a great choice to insulate your doors and windows. The four packs are $10 worth on Amazon and are good enough to cover four doors. There are four sweeps in the packet; each sweep is approximately long enough for one door. The sweep comes with self- adhesive material, so covering the doors is an easy enough job with that. The instructions are available on the packet. It is 6 inches in length and 1 5/8 inches wide in case you needed to check the measurements. This white foam weather stripping has a four out of five rating on Amazon, and we also highly recommend it.

Silicone Teardrop

The “Self Adhesive Weatherstrip 375” Wide Silicone Teardrop” is also highly recommended on Amazon. One packet costs $24. This is a white, 20 feet long roll that strongly protects, sound, air, fire, and smoke infiltration. This means that weather stripping for exterior doors is a good mean to mildly soundproof your room against neighbors’ noises. The strip has a 3m adhesive and will stick strongly. The strip is made of silicone fiber and is long- lasting, stronger, and more reliable than its counterparts in the market. It will also not wear and tear because of extreme temperatures.

Steel Door Magnetic Weather-strip

The “M-D Building Products 01636 36-Inch by 81-Inch Steel Door Magnetic Weather-strip” are high-quality products approximately available for $10 on Amazon. These strips are heavy duty and are designed for steel doors, and at the same time, they are ideal for the kerf/slot doors as well. These wraps come with magnetic strips so that even if the doors are uneven, the strips will attach on to the doors completely. The pack has one strip without the magnetic strip that will be attached through adhesives. They are designed for doors with kerfs, and those which are 3/8 inches wide. This indoor weatherstripping comes in three-piece sets.

Vinyl Gasket Weatherstrip

For this type of weatherstrip, we have chosen to review the “Frost King Tubular Vinyl Gasket Weather-strip, 1/2″ W, 1/4″ T, 17′ L, White (V18WH)”. This is a cushioning adhesive that is nailed and stapled up on the door sides. It is an effective method of retaining the room atmosphere and to shut out drafts, rain, and dust. One strip is good for one door or window. This is well recommended for weather stripping for old doors because it only costs you $4 per strip, and the material is of high quality as well. The adhesive is made of vinyl that is silver, slightly shiny, and sturdy material. Many individuals find adhesives irritating because they need to be attached with skill. This skill is not too commonly available. If you are looking for something cheap, reliable and easy; this one may be for you. You can easily staple the strip onto the door sides without any problems.

Weather Seal Strip

Finally, we review the “M-D Building Products 1025 Weather Seal Strip, Black”, its available in $7 per pack at Amazon. This product is made from foam tapes and has a considerably longer life. It keeps noise, vibration, and air out and is ideal if you live in a dingy apartment. It has strong adhesive material and can be used on a wide variety of places such as auto doors, sunroofs, marine hatches, and trunks. It is 5/16 inches thick and 17 feet long.

Weather stripping for exterior doors is a wide range of product lines. Weather stripping for old doors is ideally done with any one of these products. White foam weather stripping is also a common option, so we covered that as well.


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