Command 3M Small Kitchen Hooks, Multi-Surface Hanging Solution, Easy On, Easy Off, 16 Hooks, 24 Strips, (GP067-16NA)


Best Command Multiple-Purpose Hooks Roundup: Buying Guide & Review

Command Multiple Purpose Hooks are adhesive 3m hooks that are better known for multi-purpose usage. Like all other adhesive products by Command, even these don’t make your walls full of stains or require the nail-hitting thing at all. These Hooks are handy to use for hanging in an office or home space.  As mentioned above these are multipurpose hooks that let you hang up to 1 kilogram of weight on them. You can also use them to hang tools in garden or repair area for items but make sure you don’t overlook the 1kg weight limit tag. However, the adhesive behind the hood can only be applied to flat and smooth surfaces such as walls, woods, tiles, glass or even a few metals; the best part about Command Multiple Purpose Hooks is that you can easily remove, and relocate from one location to another. The removal or relocation does not cause any damage or stain to the surface, neither does it damage the paintwork. Ultimately these hooks are perfect for you to organize or decorate your work or home space neatly.

What Can You Hang on These Multi-Purpose Command Hooks?

These multi-purpose 3m command hooks can be used in kitchens, bedrooms, gardens, garages or living rooms. Command Multiple Purpose Hooks can carry anything as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 1 kilogram. You can hang coats, tools, clothes, bags, pans, keys or any other items that you like. If you are eyeing to hang something heavier than 1KG, we will urge you to go for Command Heavy Duty Hooks rather.

Command Multiple Purpose Hooks do not work effectively on wallpapers, and there is a high probability of them falling down.

How to mount?

Before adhering or using the hooks, it is highly recommended to carefully read all instructions written on the pack. Take the hook out of the pack and remove the liner. After removing the liner, press the adhesive wall hooks against the surface and give it at least an hour to adhere before you hang anything on them.

How to remove?

To remove and relocate sticky hooks from one spot to another, hold the hook from its anchor and gently move it upwards. While sliding, pull the hook off from the mounting surface. Now take out a spare adhesive strip from your pack and use it between the mounting surface and the hook. To remove the Command Strip from the wall, hold the round tab from the bottom and slowly pull it up. You can find all of these recommendations written on the backside of the pack as well.

Buying Guide

These hooks are easily available on Amazon and only cost a few dollars. A pack of Command Multiple Purpose Hooks contains six pieces. Since these hooks are reusable, each one of them lasts for a very long time. Say goodbye to cracks, damaged walls, sticker stains or nail holes and hang your belongings in a decent way. Each of its pack also contains 12 Command strips as adhesives, so you can reuse your hooks.

To reuse the 3m command hooks, you just have to apply another Command strip on the back of it and adhere it to a new spot. For convenience, each pack comes with a bunch of extra strips. You can easily de-clutter your kitchen, hallways or living rooms when these hooks are on your side. Moreover, these Hooks can also be used inside closets or on closets doors to better organize your wardrobe. However, it is still advised not to use Command Multiple Purpose Hooks for hanging precious or irreplaceable belongings or breakable goods such as glass pans.

Pros of Command Multiple Purpose Hooks:

  • It is versatile and easy to use and carry.
  • It can be used in any space such as an office or home.
  • It can carry up to 1 Kg.
  • This hook can be reused.
  • It doesn’t leave any stains or damages on the space.
  • You don’t need any tool to adhere to
  • They come with spare adhesives.

Cons of Command Multiple Purpose Hooks:

  • This Hook cannot be used on wallpapers or varnishes.
  • It cannot hold heavier than 1 Kg items.
  • Command Multiple Purpose Hooks are not reliable for valuable goods.


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