Baby Bath Silicone Brush by Fridababy | DermaFrida The SkinSoother Baby Essential for Dry Skin, Cradle Cap and Eczema (2 Pack)



Fridababy DermaFrida Dermafrida Skin Soother Silicone Brushes Review

Sometimes it becomes very difficult for the parent to take care of the hygiene of their children and if their child is an infant, it becomes even more difficult. However, no matter how consuming it gets, hygiene is always the foremost priority and concern of every parent. It becomes difficult to find the right product which will help you flake of the cradle cap (cradle cap is a yellowish, pathy and flaky substance formed on the newborn’s scalp) which apparently is not bothersome for the babies but it’s gross and cleaning it might bother the babies. Just telling, Fridababy Silicone Brush can serve the purpose rightly.

However, before you choose a product for cleaning it, remember that your baby’s skin is super fragile. Because the selection of the wrong brush can affect the baby skin and the harsh bristles can make them annoyed.

Why The Fridababy Silicone Brush?

Friday dermaFrida is a perfect solution for that, it is a silicone brush which offers super soft bristles that work like magic. The surface of the brush is gentle to your infant’s skin. The flakes of gross cradle cap gently rub on the body and easily keeps the baby calm and yet very clean and hygienic. It has the softest bristles, and using that on your babies will not force them to put your hand away or try to escape which clearly means they’ll like it. It is made ideally keeping in view the babies soft skin texture in mind that it doesn’t affect them in any possible way.

The brush is super compact and can be carried around by the parents easily. It is simple and easy to use and fridababy dermafrida has actually made it easiest for the parents to take care of the hygiene of their babies, and even easier to handle them while cleaning. It definitely worth the money and you can’t go wrong with that.

Pros of  fridababy dermafrida:

  • It is very easy to use and compatible to carry.
  • Being easy to use is also very easy to clean because of its amazing design.
  • It has soft bristles which keep the baby skin protected.
  • It also has a holder for the fingers specially designed to make it easier for the parents to hold it while cleaning in case the baby moves.
  • It is super light on your pocket and is easily available on Amazon.

Cons of fridababy dermafrida:

  • You can find even cheaper alternatives to this silicone brush.

How to use

It can be used for general scrubbing and even works effectively for cradle cap, and to flake off the dry skin. You start with a cleanser, after applying the cleanser brush your kid’s scalp using the silicone brush. Now rinse and clean the brush.

Retail Price

The price of the Fridababy DermaFrida silicone brush might vary if you try looking for it at other stores or sites, but it retails to about $6.99 – $10.99 on their official site.


Now if you want to get rid of eczema, apply lotion on the baby after a bath, brush it gently with the fridababy dermafrida silicone brush and massage it gently in the circular direction onto the baby’s skin. Again repeat the process, rinse it properly and then clean it, so it doesn’t have anything left in it, which can grow bacteria and harm the baby. Now after cleaning store in the case properly or even place it onto the sink.

Another use of this revolutionizing silicone baby brush is a baby massage. As you know, massages are essential for a baby’s circulation and growth. Just pour some lotion, or warm oil and massage your baby. It depends on you whether you want that massage during the bath time or just before the bed.

This silicone brush by fridababy dermafrida works wonders and is designed to make the lives of the parents easier like never before.


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