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Art Naturals Fractionated Coconut Oil Review and Prices 2019

ArtNaturals Fractionated Coconut Oil is one of the most popular carrier oils available in the market. Carrier oil is a vegetable oil that is derived from a fraction of a plant, usually from the seeds, kernels, or nuts, and carries a neutral scent. Carrier oils are not volatile like essential oils, which makes them a good medium for getting diluted into other oils and then get applied. The term “carrier” indicates that it carries essential oil onto the skin.

Skincare Therapy Using ArtNaturals Coconut Oil Fractionated

ArtNaturals Coconut Oil Fractionated can be used for massage and aromatherapy too. It is made from organic unrefined coconut and is packed with all the essential nutrients to heal your skin, soothe irritation and inflammation of the skin, and act as a hair softener as well

This makes for an amazing moisturizer both for your hair and skin as well. It is lightweight, works perfectly as a makeup remover, aids in preventing skin discolorations and dead skin patches. Its antioxidants hydrate damaged and dry skin cells and hair follicles. They penetrate the hair shaft, work their magic on deep roots without leaving behind the greasy residue that most other oils do.

This oil is a hair softener; it softens your hair strands and makes them shiny and silky. You can add a few drops of this oil to your shampoo or conditioner for extra moisture and prevent dry, frizzy hair.

Perfect Blend for Other Essential Oils

Since ArtNaturals Fractionated Coconut Oil is carrier oil, it acts as the base to mix a few drops of one of the ArtNaturals essential oils to use on skin or give it a healthy message. The oil comes with antibacterial properties that make it absolutely perfect for mixing with other essential oils as a natural and effective remedy for skin irritants and for cleansing out minor skin wounds without fear of infection.

Benefits of ArtNaturals Coconut Oil Fractionated

This oil contains many benefits of coconut oil including hydration and the disinfecting power of its anti-bacterial properties. The manufacturing process allows you to take a fraction of the oil, make it completely saturated, and then concentrate the natural acids and the antioxidants to increase the benefits of the oil. Moreover, it can also be used as an anti-aging skin softener, lip gel, balm for dry feet, hair conditioner and softener, and as a skin repairer as well.

Studies show that coconut oil tends to improve the moisture and fat content of the skin. You can use it as a natural sunscreen which blocks out about 20 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Coconut oil can help you remove dead skin cells, prevent hair damage from straightening and direct sunlight, and smoothen out the texture of your skin and hair.

It is made from organic unrefined coconut and has multiple skins and hair benefits. It moisturizes and softens the most sensitive skin and prevents further skin damage from external factors. Moreover, you can use it as a carrier oil to dilute with aromatherapy and essential oils for massage and skin care.

Hair Growth

This oil has a higher consistency of caprylic and capric acid, which creates a strong and powerful antioxidant action. These antioxidants make this product ideal for dry, damaged, and dull hair. Since it is light in weight, it can easily penetrate through the hair shaft and improve the health of the scalp, eliminate dandruff, and augment hair growth. It does all of this while also acting as a hair softener and adding volume, and shine to your hair.


Coconut contains hydrating properties that add to its water content and upon application help to soothe and soften the skin. It acts as an effective natural moisturizer. Coconut oil when washed off leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky without the greasy feeling that most other oils leave behind. The oil is colorless and odorless and causes no allergic reactions.

Weight Loss

One of the main components of this product helps in weight loss as well. MCT helps you lose weight because it reduces hunger and helps you burn more fat and calories. According to a study, MCTs can reduce body weight by 1lb. It also increases the body’s stamina and endurance.


Coconut Oil Fractionated has mild antibacterial properties that come in handy when you mix the oil with essential oils having potent antifungal properties. This can reduce the risk of infection upon application on a skin wound.

ArtNaturals Coconut Oil Price on Amazon is $10. Though, the prices may vary at different stores and retail outlets.


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