4 Pack Chrome (2) 6″ and (2) 8″ Replacement for GE/Hotpoint Electric Range Reflector Bowls With Locking Slot WB31T10010 WB31T10011




Best Electric Range Drip Pans Replacement for Hotpoint

Range Kleen Drip Pans

Range Kleen drip products are absolutely amazing. They fit into any kind of stove such as whirlpool. What works more about them is they are easy to fix, look stable, and are stylish as well.

This product saves a lot of time for cleaning especially if you’re work-shy sort of person just like me you don’t have to worry about cleaning it after every cooking event; you can clean it twice a week, and you won’t have to worry about its pan rusting at all.

Just in case you’re curious to know more about these electric drip pans or bowls; they are tested under appliance industry standard testing due to which they have following salient features:

  • 24 hours of salt spray
  • Fit, function and stability test
  • Liquid spill capacity test

Round Heavy Duty Chrome Drip Pan Range Kleen

This range provides a Round Burner Gas Range Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Style H Drip Pan for your kitchen. It has an exterior dimension of about 6.875 inches and an interior dimension of about 4 inches, plus it only costs you around $5.99.


  • Easy to clean
  • Prevents rocking of the cookware


  • Pan may start rusting

Large Heavy Duty Chrome Drip Bowl Range Kleen

This range contains one large Heavy Duty Style A Chrome Drip Bowl. Moreover, it is the consumer’s number one choice when it comes to durability. It also prevents the rusting of cookware with merely costing you around $7.99.


  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting


  • Drip bowls may break on continuous contact with water


Hotpoint Drip Pans

GE/Hotpoint Drip Pans 4-pieces Set

Original Equipment Manufacturer Quality means you get suitable performance as well as the same quality to what was on the original product when purchased new.

Its Style B fits most GE and Hotpoint plug-in electric ranges perfectly. You can now save your money and energy by changing your drip pans yearly as this product only costs you $35.50. This item is a bit pricey as compared to other other Drip Pans but due to its long-lasting material, it can last way longer than other products.


  • Long lasting
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Black paint can be easily chipped off


Hotpoint Range Drip Bowls

Drip Bowl – 6

This drip bowl on your range is created to catch any spills that occur during cooking. It comes with 6” diameter that can cover a good part over the stove. It has chrome color which has its own appeal. Apart from that, it has a surface element under which there is a plug-in of a terminal style. It comes with a $9.50 price tag.


  • It catches any spills during cooking


  • It may consume time when fixing


Drip Bowl – 8

This drip bowl is chrome in color, and its diameter is 10 inches at the broadest point. Moreover,  in the middle, it contains a hole, which is utilized to catch drippings of food that may fall while you’re cooking. Along with spills, it can retain grease as well. It will only cost you $9.66.


  • The hole catches the dripping of food


  • If damaged or rusted, the grease spills inside your range


Uses of Electric Range Drip Pans

Spills can be frustrating at times especially when you are preparing for a get-together. Having a drip bowl placed in the right place can save time, energy, and your anger as well. With the right width and hole, you can save a lot of the food that gets spilled over. The best part is that you can also use them to catch unwanted items going down the drain later on. Easily collect them in the drip pan and throw it in the trash bin rather than trying to unclog drains afterward.

Installation of Drip Pans is easy; you just have to remove the old element and replace it with a new drip pan. Just make sure to place it properly over the stove so grease or any other item cannot spill over. Moreover, keep an eye to check if your existing drip pan is damaged and it’s time for a replacement. It is better to invest a little and get material that can last longer as this is something of everyday use.


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