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SEEOU Battery Operated Lights 7 Wonderful Hacks – Cheap Christmas Decoration Ideas 2019

wine bottle light hacks for Christmas party 2019

You might be wondering what merely you can do with these string lights that are just for the wine bottles? So why not go ahead and use them to see what magical changes these lights can bring to your home decoration during this year’s Christmas party. But remember not to mix the two types of bottle lights that are available in the market. There are lights for wine bottles that have individual battery packs and do not need to be plugged in. Or some wine bottle lights come with an easily fixable battery pack or faux-styled “CORK” that serve as battery and fits into the bottle nicely. Then several types of bottle lights have large batteries hanging out of the bottle. Some people will cut the bottoms off and place their wine bottles over the top of the string lights.

So, the preferable one here is to use SEEOU wine bottle lights with the cork that perfectly fit the opening, and its luminous strands going down the bottle.

LED Strip Lights 7 Unique Creative Ideas – That You Must Try This Christmas Party

Here we have listed down 7 unique and useful ideas to utilize these SEEOU batteries operated led lights for home decoration on this Christmas, and we have also sorted out that what type of light will be suitable for which creative idea.

SEEOU Decorative Lights – LED Starry String Lights Powered By Batteries for Decoration

These LED Starry String Lights can be used in many productive ways. Whether you arrange them nicely or you just throw them over some bushes in your lawn, these will always brighten up your home décor and so your mood. If you have to light up your wedding, Christmas party, birthday, home, your bicycle or a mirror on your wall, it will always come in handy. These decorative string lights are battery operative, so it is easy to install them anywhere, not just inside the house but also outside the house. Your home decoration comes alive when you add these lights in dark forgotten corners of your house. Warm white lights give a cozy touch to your decoration and make the environment even more brightened and pleasant.

1.      Creative Firefly Lantern

You have often seen that beautiful firefly lanterns hanging in the market at several shops that attract everyone in the market to at least have a single glance at them. Well, what I tell that you can make your own firefly lantern. Yes! You get me right and that too in your own unique style and taste. All you need is:

  • An Empty Glass Lantern
  • SEEOU LED Starry string Lights
  • Scotch Tape

SEEOU wine bottle lights with cork

Steps to Create:

  • Open the glass lantern lid and place the LED lights in it.
  • Keep the battery portion on the upper side and with the help of scotch tape paste the battery to the lid.

So, it won’t be visible, and you can easily turn it on and off by just opening up the lid. You can take 5, 6 lanterns of different sizes and designs. Furthermore, if you want to personalize it even more, then you can also use some crafting skills on it. Place them on a table in a corner or place them in the center of a dining table; either way, it will look incredible and make your guests amazed.

2.      Christmas Snow Lanterns

Another creative way to amaze your guests at Christmas party is to place little snow lanterns across the doorway. It is the best outdoor decoration idea for Christmas. It is the cheapest hack. You will need:

  • Brown Paper Shopping Bags
  • SEEOU Battery Operated String Lights
  • Water Paint
  • Scissors

uses of Wine bottle lights

This is a really simple yet very beautiful idea. All you have to do is just to follow some steps

Steps to Create:

  • Take the brown paper shopping bags and paint a pine tree or Christmas bulbs on it.
  • Then cut off a few small portions in desired shapes. And do a little bit more painting on it if you want to, to give it more details. Like painting the boundaries of cut off area or margining the paper bag.
  • Now place the LED lights in it and turn them on.

Wallah! Your snow lanterns are ready for the Christmas party. Make so many of them and place them along with the doorway and on sides of stairs to give your house outside luminous effects.

3.      Driftwood Christmas Tree

Now you can create your own driftwood Christmas tree at home and give it radiant effects using SSEOU starry string LED lights. It is ridiculously easy to make and cost next to nothing, and that’s the price tag that wins over almost everybody ever time. A nice idea of making driftwood Christmas tree for outdoor is great but is also inconvenient. While designing the same driftwood trees against a wall inside the house is pretty much easy and cool. There are plenty of ways in which you can create this uplifting piece for your festive décor. You can make a complete tree and use it as your Christmas tree. You can also attach the wooden logs by strings to canvas and make it mobile; thus create a hanging driftwood tree. Or you can simply make it on your wall. Here we will go with the last one because it is the easiest one and nice looking.

Things you will be needing to create this amazing driftwood tree as listed below:

  • Thick Driftwood Logs of various size
  • Good Quality White Glue
  • White String Lights with Batteries
  • Christmas Tree Ornaments
  • Scotch Tape
  • Rope

Driftwood Christmas Tree with fairy lights

Steps to Create:

  • Paste the driftwood logs on the wall in ascending order downwards, with the help of glue.
  • Now attach the white string lights from one end of the log to the other end of the lower log diagonally with the help of scotch tape.
  • Hang the Christmas ornaments with the help of rope on logs.
  • Use smaller logs to create a star shape on the top and to complete the looks of the Christmas tree.
  • Hang as many ornaments and LED String Lights as you can, and make it look brighter and decorative. Your own driftwood Christmas tree is all set to flaunt. Turn on the batteries and enjoy its magnificent looks.

4.      Illuminated Denim and Burlap Garland

You will be amazed to know what you can do with just burlap ribbons and LED string lights. If you are a fan of farmhouse style, then this one is perfect for your home decoration and is just according to your taste. This one is also a cheap hack with warm white lighted LED strings. You will need:

  • Red and White Burlap Rolls (2 Rolls of each)
  • A Denim Roll
  • Scissors
  • White String Lights with batteries

SEEOU bottle lights with battery

Steps to Create:

  • First of all, you will have to cut the pieces of burlap rolls and denim ribbon. Cut 10 inch sized ribbons and then again cut them in half but now in width.
  • Similarly cut the denim roll but in three portions.
  • Now, you need to simply tie the knot of burlap and denim around the string light. You can do a single knot or can also try double knot around the LED String Light; whatever suits you the best.
  • Continue tying the denim and burlap around the string until it is covered completely.

Doesn’t it look like homey? Once the Garland is complete, you can simply hang it or place it anywhere and turn on the lights.

SEEOU Wine Bottle Lights With Cork for Christmas Decoration

Wine bottle lights with cork must be included among your other shopping list, as it can make your house look more beautifully decorated in the middle of Christmas night. To serve this purpose, SSEOU has brought to you a perfect product of wine bottle lights with cork to fulfil your needs. These lights are specially designed with an idea of the recreation and attractiveness of wine bottles to meet the customer’s satisfaction for Christmas home decoration.

5.      Wine Bottle Lights

What can be the best use for empty wine bottles than to recycle them and use it as a decorative piece in your house during this Christmas Eve? It is really an artistic idea for any occasion, and it became so popular in the market because of its unique idea. No one could think that empty wine bottles can actually serve as a beautiful source of light. But, the best thing here is that you don’t need to spend money to get your hands on these beautiful decoration pieces. You can simply utilize empty wine bottles in your house and create these art pieces. You will just need:

  • Empty Wine Bottles.
  • SEEOU Bottle lights with cork.

wine bottle lights

Steps to Create:

  • Pick the useless empty wine bottles in your house.
  • Wash and let them dry.
  • Now simply place the lights inside the bottle and close them with the attached cork of light.

That’s just it! And your beautiful wine bottle lights are ready. Place them anywhere and enlighten the beauty of your house. Turn on the lights and admire what a creative thing you have made with zero cost and hassle.

6.      Christmas Light Balls for Outdoor

Christmas light balls are extremely popular decorative products. It not only amazes your guests but also attract anyone who happens to pass by your house. These light balls are highly unique in appearance, and anyone would think that these are impossible to make at home. But that’s not right; you can definitely make your own Christmas light balls at home with the help of these things:

  • Chicken Net Wire
  • Wine Bottle Cork Lights
  • Scotch Tape
  • Wire Cutter

christmas snow balls

Like all other creative ideas that we shred, this one is also simple and easy. Though you have to be careful with wires, otherwise it is really simple.

Steps to Create:

  • Using a wire cutter, cut the chicken wire in the ratio of LxW 2:1
  • Create a cylindrical shape of these wires by bending them and attaching both ends.
  • Continue twisting the wires until you create a ball shape of wires.
  • Secure the cork with scotch tape to one end and wrap the rest of the light strings around the wire.
  • Wrap the lights so as to cover the ball completely.

And your unique Christmas balls are ready. Place them outside the house and turn them on. You can use different colored light to create an even more appealing decorative look and wrap them around the balls of various sizes.

7.      Wine Bottle Chandeliers

Look at the simple wine bottle, what do you see? Do you see a chandelier? No! That’s too sad because wine bottle chandeliers are most gorgeous in house DIY decoration pieces that can fit anywhere and are not specified for any occasion. But if you include these self-made chandeliers to your house decoration this Christmas party, then we guarantee you, at least once, all your guests will be amazed to see that beautiful chandelier that you created utilizing empty wine bottles and light strings. Things you need to create this lovely chandelier are:

  • 6 Empty Wine Bottles
  • SEEOU Bottle Lights
  • A Smooth Wooden Piece (with a drilled hole in it)
  • Rope
  • A Hook (attached to the ceiling)

Wine bottle lights with cork uses

This is one a little bit messy and time-consuming hack of string lights with cork. Though it looks wonderful once accomplished but you have to be very careful with this one.

Steps to Create:

  • Place the Wine bottle lights with cork inside the bottle and close its opening with cork. Do the same for all 6 bottles
  • Cut the rope in 6 different sizes and tie a tight knot of rope around each cork carefully.
  • Join the ends of all 6 ropes and tie another knot, leaving a portion behind.
  • Pass that portion through the wooden piece hole and secure it there by tying a thick knot. So it won’t pass through the hole.
  • And do a final tight knot of rope with the hook.

You can create this chandelier above the dining table, or in any dark corner of the house. Either way, it looks splendid and completes your Christmas party decoration. You can create more styled chandeliers too using these SEEOU bottle lights with cork.

All these are must try hacks to brighten up your 2019 Christmas party. Create your own decoration pieces this year and enjoy the party.

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