Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber – 32″ Heavy Duty Mobility Grip Hand Aid – Handle Tool Light Bulb Remover, iPad Pickup, Long Handled Trash Litter Picker, Garbage Garden Nabber Extender Arm



From choosing the most comfortable grabber tools and claw grabbers or looking for the best grabber tools for the elderly, we do all we can to make sure tasks become easier for us with such tools. So, if you or your loved ones had surgery and want something that can help with recovering, Reacher grabber tool is something to look out for. It is useful for household chores and day to day tasks. It can help you with things on shelves so you don’t have to climb up every single time.

The extra help that you need is here with a simple tool. Key point is to get the grabber tool that you are comfortable to use.

Best Grabber Tools in 2019

Vive Reacher Grabber Tool

It is of 32” designed for people with needs. Moreover, it can help you grab things from shelves, floors, outdoor areas and from corners. The extra aid that you get while putting minimum pressure on your back is always something to look out for.

Lifetime Guarantee

Vive products offer you a not only quality product that will give you satisfactory results in no time, but also the lifetime guarantee. When looking for the best for your health, what more can you ask for?

Retail Price

The price of the Vive Reacher Grabber Tool might vary if you try looking for it at other stores or sites, but it retails to about $13.99 on Amazon site.

Windspeed Reacher Grabber

The Windspeed Reacher Grabbers are excellent for accurate actions. It is easy to carry and hold while trying to grab things. It’s made from aluminum which is long lasting and durable to hold heavy items in the house. It is foldable so storage area doesn’t need to be big for it. You can always carry it on the go to avoid putting yourself in pain of bending. When expanded, it can increase up to 32” which is a good limit to reach out to things.

Value for Money

Starting price is $7.99 which is quite reasonable for the sturdy material that it comes with. It is one of the good options for Reacher grabber pickup tool due to its price point.

Ettore 34-Inch Grib’n Grab

It is rust-proof and a very clean and sleek grabber tool. Though the material it is made from is aluminum, it is lightweight and slim. This slim body helps in reaching congested places in the corners of your home. This Reacher grabber tool also has the ability to turn 90 degrees making it easier to pick things on alleviated places. Avoid bending your back when you are suffering or recovering from pain. Ettore’s grip is not only strong but also soft, so you can hold it for a long time without straining your hand.

Price Point

Price is a little on the higher side for this product. It starts from $28.99 and goes up for different lengths. There is a 50” option too for people who want a long arm with shelves on height.

How to use Reacher Grabber Tools

Grabber tool is quite simple to use. Most of the options are foldable and easy to use. As all the pressure comes on your wrist if the grip is not strong enough you might get it damaged any sooner. Durability and design is the most important feature when buying a grabber tool for the elderly.

If you need assistance stick in the kitchen then buy grabbers that are long so it’s easier to reach things on height. If you are looking for a person with back pain, then make sure it’s lightweight and prevent a person from bending while picking up things from the floor. If you have a lot of chores outside the home then get a product which is easily adjustable.

Where to keep it or how to keep it? Is there any extra care for these grabbers? The answer is simple, no. You can store it easily anyway, just like a normal foldable stick, without having to worry about ruining the grip or its grabber.


This Reacher grabber tool has limitless uses. It is not only restricted for kitchen time but can also be used as an extended arm for the elderly. Your sick family member needs a delicate grabber to avoid straining on hand, and the smooth grip on the grabber provides just that. The smooth and soft grabbers are excellent for timely use.

Another use of this revolutionizing Reacher grabber is to store items on shelves. It is always hectic to grab or leave things on shelves at height. You usually need a ladder which is another hassle to deal with and not even a safe option.


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