USA Made – 24 White Standard Plastic Hangers, Notched, Set of 24 Durable and Slim, Notched, Made in The USA (24 Pack)



Isn’t it frustrating to see a disorganized closet and what is even worse is to see it all messed up and messy? Stepping into adulthood you might start feeling you have all the clothes that are mismatched or too short for you or you might hate yourself for not being able to find your favorite dress which you wanted to wear but couldn’t being of the amount of mess you have in your cupboard that your dress is somewhere lost in it. That moment you decide to organize your closet and throw off all that weird looking hangers from the dry cleaners or the colorful low-quality hangers you got from the dollar store.

Here we have made the selection of good quality and sturdy hangers easy for you. we have picked the best plastic hanger for clothes mainly for coats and skirts to make it easy for you to choose from, and you don’t get confused among the many other options.

Here is a list of hangers and their features, that are best for you, so you don’t have to waste your money on some low-quality expensive hangers.

Clutter Mate Premium Plastic Hangers for a Coat

When you have to spend a lot of time buying clothes, you should also find time out for their maintenance as well. These plastic hangers are what you need in your closet that will lift your heavy coats and prevent your jackets from slipping again and again. These hangers with a glossy finish come in a pack of six.

Cresnel Non-Slip Flocked Plastic Hangers for a Coat

It is a very good option for hanging your coats and will not let the garments slip off. It comes in navy blue color and is suitable for both men and women garments and will not shed off your coats.

Mainstay Standard Plastic Hangers for a Coat

These are the very standard plastic hangers and are well priced along with that the hooks they have can bear heavy weight and are durable as well. It comes in black color and gets the job done without costing you a mint.

Adjustable Black Plastic Clip Hangers for Skirts

These are adjustable plastic hangers that come in a size 14cm-38cm, which makes it an apt one for any size of the skirt up to the extra-large. It is perfectly made for skirts and trousers and is made of plastic with a metal hook. The standout feature of this hanger is the appropriate grip while not even damaging the garment.

Extra Strong Frosty White Plastic Clip Hangers for the Skirt

It is a white frosty plastic hanger for your waistband, particularly for the skirts, which can hold up to 36 cm. It has a protective grip on the underside of the clip to avoid fabric damage. It has these fully adjustable clips that help in the gripping of the skirts more easily and properly.

Velvet Hangers 50 Pack

The catchy thing about this hanger is the slim and sleek design it comes with. They are easy to store and hang. The texture is soft yet sturdy as to not scrap or show fatigue over some time. It is called velvet due to its velvet-like skin and surface. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t slip and keep a strong grip on clothes to the edges at the right place in the hanger. It keeps clothes from slipping over and getting damaged.

Due to its ergonomic design with edges and curves, it can be very useful for clothes with thin straps and off-shoulder gowns. The material is flexible but has the ability to stand fatigued and carry the weight of dresses. While it’s lightweight, it surely can hold a lot of your clothes’ weight. This plastic hanger is 5mm thick and pricing starts from $17.20 for a complete pack. Your closet can look neat and clean with this decent piece of the hanger.  As it doesn’t hold much space, you can save that space for other clothes and organize your closet more efficiently.


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