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Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer Benefits, Pricing and Review

Taking care of body and hair can be hectic considering the effect of weather changes as well. People suffering from dry or oily skin are always looking for products that can make them stand out among their clan, but it isn’t that easy. Tea tree hair and body moisturizer have gained immense popularity over the last some years. And why not? They do have some amazing benefits. The price point is usually on the higher side but that’s because of the uses it has. Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer can be used for sensitive skins as well.

Tea Tree Oil Hair Benefits

Tea tree oil is an essential oil. It is usually found in leaves in Australia. It has been used for decades as a remedy for many medical issues. Tea tree oil’s benefits for hair are amazing which is why many shampoos these days have it as an ingredient. It helps in eliminating fungi, bacteria and cleans your scalp. That ultimately strengthens the hair and help in growth.

Best Tea Tree Oil Lotion

If you start searching for the best tea tree oil, you will find many brands claiming to have it. But how do you choose the absolute best one? It mostly depends on the type of skin you have and how it reacts to a particular brand. Let’s review some to green tea moisturizers out there:

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer

The best part about this hair lotion? It calms your skin, be it itchiness or scratchy scalp, it can help in soothing that easily. It comes in peppermint and lavender flavors. Both provide a gentle glow to your skin and hair while softening the surface. You can also use it after a shower to moisturize skin.

Price is $5.25 for a 75 ml bottle. It is not a bad deal; considering this bottle can work for a good time. The bottle is easy to carry and use, it’s aesthetically designed as well. The reason for its soothing effect is because of the texture of this tea tree oil. It has a minty smell which is always a safe choice when you have to go to a lot of places throughout the day. It is widely used and considered as one the best scalp moisturizer.

Zildek Tea Tree Oil

It is made from 100% pure tea tree oil which is ideal for your sensitive skin and hair. Preventing infections and bacteria is way better than dealing with them later on. So, using this tea tree oil gives you a chance to prevent fungi from catching up on your scalp and skin. It also helps in freshening up your skin, giving it a light and natural glow.

This tea tree oil works against inflammation on the skin which can lead to sore throat. Damage on the pocket is $13.89 for a 4 Fl.oz. bottle. It is a considerable amount that can be used for a good amount of time.

Majestic Pure Tea Tree

It is made from natural and pure tea tree oil. This brand claims to be recognized by aromatherapists and healthcare personals. It is used in diluted form as oil itself is pure. There are no additives or toxins in this oil making it completely safe to use on your skin and hair. It is made for therapeutic uses mostly.

It comes with a dropper so it’s easy to carry and use.  Price is $16.20 for a 118ml bottle. As it’s pure oil so a small quantity is enough for one time use. Spilling is also not an issue because of the dropper. This oil can be used with coconut oil to dilute it.

Choosing the right Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree hair and body moisturizers are in trend these, and why not? They have considerable benefits for any person facing issues related to hair fall and scrappy skin. It is advised to test it on a small patch of skin before applying it on the whole area. Using it in pure form can be harmful, so always dilute it. You can add tea tree oil to your regular shampoo so your hair can be washed with it every time. When buying a shampoo, check if it has at least 5% of tea tree oil to get the right product.


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