Scotch Transparent Tape, Trusted Favorite, Engineered for Office and Home Use, 3/4 x 850 Inches, 4 Dispensered Rolls (4814)



Scotch Transparent Tape Size, Price and Review 

I utilize the scotch transparent tape a lot because I find it innovative, a quality material worth spending money on. It is one of the finest yet neat and clear tapes I have come across. It is very handful and constructive. It is a heavy-duty transparent tape that has a sleek appearance and provides a glossy finishing look to the applied surface. I have used this in my work-projects and posters, the final looks are always astounding.

It is always disturbing and annoying to me the most because the tape would always appear over the gift-wraps. It would always bother me to find a tape such that it wouldn’t appear on the gift-wrap, but match it. Now, since after the release of this outstanding tape, I don’t have to worry about the tape showing off anymore. It blends in with the gift paper and its transparent ability is what I love the most about it.

Transparent Tape for Heavy Duty Items

However, I found the tape very hellacious and heavy-duty. When I say heavy-duty I mean it. This tape can handle from tapping a small gift wrap to tapping down bundles of papers into one place. The adhesive quality of the tape produces enough tenacious to last all day long. This is a perfect gift-wrap tape. The tapes are easily available in the convenient stores and near-by small markets, at a really low cost. They are cheaper than normal or usual branded tapes which offer nothing but dissatisfaction to the customers.

This transparent tape provides a glossy touch to the finalizing look. Which, I prefer is great. The tape is also a handful on the glass windows or aluminum surfaces, it doesn’t slick or slips away like the rest tapes. It is environmental-friendly. That is because it is purely made from environmental-friendly materials and plastic which is biodegradable. The tape causes no harms of any sort to anything it is purely safe and aesthetic and also bold both ways the looks and the work it does.

Sizes of Scotch Transparent Tape

The Scotch Transparent Tape comes in different sizes; however, for more satisfying results I’d prefer the size ¾” x 2592” with a core size of 3”, .75” (width) with 2592.0 inches (length). It costs around $14.99 for size ¾’.

The tape unrolls really easily from the roll and would trail back the same. This tape scotch is very tough and stable; it will not turn yellow as it ages. The tape is ideal for bolting and securing labeling tags. This tape is competent in wrapping, as through my experiences I have used this tape a lot for wrapping gift items, and for other purposes.

This cello tape is like magic which blends itself with the implicated surface. The transparency of this tape easily intermixes with seeking facets. It is a handy Scotch glossy-finish tape which is a really powerful tape. However, its thin tape-like structure can be a problem to some of its users, as stated above this sleek appearance is also a con as well as it is a pro.

Side-Effects of Transparent Tape

The tape adjusts to the size and structure it is being applied to, however, is harsh on the material results in certain side-effects which you might not want. For initials, do not put the tape in places with high temperatures like kitchens, or near the stove or in broad sunlight, this can cause the material to weaken its strength and also its adhesiveness. Do not pull the tape too hard from the roll, it would result in tearing the tape and crooked ends which is not what you’d want.

For pros I can suggest you use a scissor instead of using your teeth to tear off the ends from the tape, this would give the tape a solid look. Keep the tape in a neutral atmosphere like cabinets or in the storage room where the temperature is minimal and bearable for the tape to maintain its adhesiveness and its elasticity. In order to gain a perfect touch use the tape gently, and apply it on the surface area with great effort. This would add final touches to your dismantled projects or posters. One of the handiest and fascinating features of this tape is that you can write over it.

With a history of quality and status for more than 90 years is maintained, the Scotch Brand is America’s top-notch brand. With over 5stars in reviews. It is one of the most trusted brands across the United States of America that provides quality material and gains trust from the consumers in return.


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