Philips Hue Bloom Dimmable LED Smart Table Lamp (Requires Hue Hub, Works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant)


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Philips Hue LED Smart Table Lamp Price Comparisons and Review 2019

Philips Hue range of smart lighting devices is one of the best products to add colors to your house. You can smartly operate these devices by using your smartphone or your voice from anywhere, at any time. These devices are compatible with HomeKit, Nest, and voice assistants like Google and Alexa. You can simply use commands like “…dim the kitchen lights,” and it will follow your instructions like a pro.

Here are some best Philips Hue LED Smart Table Lamps review and prices that may help you in getting the best without any confusion.


  1. Philips Hue Bloom Dimmable LED Smart Table Lamp

This incredible and amazingly smart table lamp works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant as well. It can go up to 20,000 hours and has a multitude of colors associated with white, which can enhance up your space with the best. The product is designed specially to produce ambient lighting, which is a superb technique to highlight specific objects in your home to create a stunning view. All you have to do is to place the lamp near that object you want to highlight and just plug in.

You can customize the hue bloom for emitting light based on the type of music that is playing on your phone. Hue bloom can also be used for additional home security purpose. Hue Bloom has many advantages to offer including energy saving ability. Additionally, setting up a Philips Hue table lamp is quite easy and does not require any technical knowledge. You can straightforwardly follow the given instructions manual to start enjoying it. Despite its great pros, there are some points where we find that the hue Philips has some limitations as well, just as every other product has. For example, it is too expensive when compared to other lights, especially, when you are installing it for the first time. It can cost you up to $190 because you have to buy a Hue Hub with it to make it work. However, if you have these things already with you, it will cost you around $50 to $60.


  1. Philips Hue Beyond Dimmable LED White Smart Table Lamp

Just like hue bloom, it also features support from Alexa for voice control along with HomeKit and Google Assistant. It also comes with millions of color ranges and multitudes of white for lighting up your homes. You can control it wirelessly by using your phone or tablet and then synchronize the lights according to the music, games or movies; whatever is running on your device. It has a dual light source known as LightDuo technology.

All you have to do is to place it anywhere in the house, like on a table or on the floor and adjust its height as much as you want. Its price is $199 which seems to be quite expensive than any other Philips Hue table lamp, but once you buy it, you won’t regret at all.


  1. Philips Hue Go White and Color Portable Dimmable LED Smart Light Table Lamp

The Hue Go is one of the best products of Philips in lights category. This interesting lamp has a table bowl with it that is portable and beautiful as the illumination filled in it creates awesome lighting. It has a 3-hours built-in battery that you can use at the places where you cannot connect it directly with any power switch. You can easily control the lighting through your phone or tab. Moreover, it allows too many customized features that can be used to set up the environment according to your mood. It has an elegant design for the ones who like to have some exquisite beauty in their living. You can have easy placement options and the light rests on the flat surface very nicely. The greatest advantage of Hue Go is that it is portable and has a battery in it, but the life of the battery is too short. However, it is a better choice as the light is brighter as compared to its counterparts. Moreover, it is available at a very low price of just $79 that is comparatively budget-friendly.


  1. Philips Hue White Ambiance Wellness Dimmable LED Smart Table Lamp

This is a standard overhead light which you can install anywhere you want to. It can be used with other accessories like Hue Dimmer Switch, Hue Sensor or Hue Tap for expanding your lighting experience like never before. You can control it with your voice and by the Hue App regardless of your presence at home. You can switch the lights on and off whenever you want, no matter where you are. It is made of glass material, and you can have it just in $99.


  1. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Light Strip plus Dimmable LED Smart Light

You can bring colors to any area of your space using flexible Philips Hue light strip. Unlike other strip lightings, it is the one you can pair up with Hue Bridge and enjoy the smart lighting with a wide range of warm to cool smart lights. You can shape or bend it, like the way you want the light to shine. You can buy a pack of the light strip for $67.71 only.

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