MINGER Rechargeable LED Book Light Neck Hug Light, 4 LED Hand-Free Bright Knitting Lamp, 6000K Daylight 3 Brightness Modes and Flexible Arm for Bed Reading Night Jogging


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Best Neck Lights for Knitting and Reading 2019 Review

Have you ever experienced the helplessness of pouring the light from a torch on the book you have been indulged in? But also keeping the heavy book balanced enough to read from, while also managing to keep the comforter on your toes and eating snacks from your side? It seems like havoc, right? But, when you are a bookworm like me, you would consider this normal.

This is not the only case. Reaching close to your examinations, we all know the stress that engulfs us unintentionally and we are buried under the pressure of our courses seeping in carefully. It doesn’t help when you do not have a proper light to shed on your books and in your life altogether at that specific time.

Well, this situation calls for a neck light that has a mild enough light to soothe your eyes and offer enough comfort for you to read and learn effectively.

Why Neck Lights for Knitting and Reading?

Why do you need a Minger LED Book Light Neck Hug Light, you may ask? Well, the brightness of the light is a factor that could indirectly affect your eyes while reading. Neck lights, with their mild intensity, are specifically designed to eradicate such issue. While traveling, you cannot hold a flashlight over your head and same is the case when you would be knitting and reading. So, for this purpose, you may require a portable, light-weight neck light to follow through which can be recharged with portable-sized batteries.

However, there are certain features which can tell you the difference between a normal flashlight and good-quality neck lights for knitting that are also ideal for reading, working or e-books on desks or workplaces. Some of the best neck lights are mentioned below to assist you in your purchase.


This rechargeable LED knitting light (multiple uses) is considered to be the best in the market because of its warm, yellow light that is different from the harsh white glow, often present in other neck lights. It comes with two different options in alteration of the intensity of light; a brighter light setting and a comparatively dimmer setting of light.

Light-weight and Easy to Carry

It can be recharged through the micro USB charging cord that comes with the purchase. Yes, the cord means it is a safe option for utilization during traveling. A light-weight, portable LED light that is stylish and effective in use; has to be a must-buy.

Raniaco Extra-Bright

This heavy-weight, compact Minger LED Book Light Neck Hug Light comes in a sleek profile and a fashionable curved design. It is ideal for reading and knitting; comprehensively presenting itself with multiple uses. Due to its strengthening weight, it can withstand its own pressure and be made to stand on an anti-slip silicon pad without falling.

Flexible and Bright

It is the brightest light in the market with its lowest level of intensity still managing to be the brightest if compared with other LED lights. Because of its strong white light, it is considered best for solemn tasks. It is flexible and can be bent to adjust to the situation. However, it cannot be clipped onto small books or objects. You can easily recharge the product for better use.

Ecologic Mart

This lightweight LED light is the best option for book reading. It comes with two independent heads to help you better fantasize the story you are reading. Despite the two heads, it takes less than two hours to recharge and then it can be used to illuminate two different pages at once. Along with its flexible nature, it comes with 8 different settings with light. However, the yellow light it comes along with is bound to soothe your reading experience.


This LED light is specifically designed for e-book readers; people who prefer the virtual version of books on the digital world. It comes with a small clip that can be attached to a side, but with its flexible profile, it can be made to adjust in such a way that there are no shadows illuminating on the screen. However, due to the clip, it is not particularly ideal for utilization on books as it will have to be removed and applied periodically.

Mighty Bright’s Timer Light

This special LED knitting light and book light comes with a flexible, sleek profile and a strong firm holding stand. The bright light is ideal for long sessions of knitting or reading. But, have you ever experienced the climax of drifting off into slumber but being disrupted by the prospect of having to turn off the light? Yeah, we have all been there in the lazy-anger zone. But, with this Minger LED Book Light Neck Hug Light, you can put it on a timer to automatically shut off after a certain time and it will remind you of the closing time through flashing light. The battery is known to last three days long.


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