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Best Pregnancy Pillow 2019 – Reviews and Prices

Are you going to start a new journey of motherhood? That sounds amazing, congratulations! You might be a bit worried about the issues that you’ve heard pregnant women face, such as how does one face sleeping problems? As there might be many, due to the changes that takes place in a woman’s body shape. Nevertheless, it’s increasingly important for you as an expecting mother to get good sleep at night.

According to researchers and maternal-fetal medicine specialists, the prevalence of sleep disorders during pregnancy can have a bad impact on pregnancy health. For instance, sleep apnea can cause an increase in the risk of diabetes and preeclampsia.

However, you don’t need to worry, just have some peace of mind and read on while we tell you about some great pregnancy pillows that will allow you to be comfortable and have a restful sleep with your baby bump.

  1. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

Researches show that most of the people are side sleepers, so when a woman gets a baby bump, it might get increasingly uncomfortable for her to sleep on her side. Other than this, side sleeping is the only comfortable position for a pregnant woman, because obviously, one can’t possibly sleep on her stomach with that baby bump. So, PharMeDoc pregnancy pillows are specially designed for side sleepers as they are wide enough for getting a relaxed and restful side sleep. The pillows are C-shaped and of full body-length in order to provide you with a good night’s sleep. Moreover, PharMeDoc pregnancy pillows can also be used as support cushions after pregnancy.

How much it costs and is it worth it?

The cost of this product is $39.95, and most of the expecting women claim that it works wonders for them. As a body pillow, it tends to be of perfect size both for tall and short women. Moreover, the pillow retains its firmness and shape even after good use of 9 months.

  1. Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

It’s wrap-around body pillow for pregnant women that is designed by a registered nurse, so you know you’re making a good choice when you get this. As a multi-support pillow, it’s a great choice for those of you who are looking for some support for your hips, back, neck, and belly, during your tough days. Not only this, Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow comes with a cover that could be taken off and washed in a machine. Furthermore, the best bit is that it’s Amazon’s choice product, so you can easily order it online without having to worry about the product’s quality.

How much it costs and is it worth it:

It costs around $52, but it’s surely is worth it. Due to its long shape, it can be moved according to one’s comfort level. Also, the cover is polyester and cotton blend that makes it even plusher and snuggly.

  1. Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for Maternity

As the name suggests, this increasingly well-designed pregnancy pillow wedge includes a double-sided design that has both soft and firm sides for pregnant females. It comes with a plush velboa cover that could be washed. Moreover, the best part is its ventilation technology that helps the pillow stay cool while you get a pleasant sleep. Also, pregnancy pillow wedge comes in a small size as compared to U-shaped or full body pillows. Hence, it is a great option for those of you who wish to enjoy their pregnancy period both traveling and resting comfortably.

How much it costs and is it worth it?

This product will cost you $22.92. As an affordable as well as a compact pillow, it is a common choice among pregnant women seeking good rest. Moreover, it is easier to navigate at night and to travel with.

  1. Boppy Support Pillow

If you want to have a pregnancy pillow that can be used in multiple ways, the Boppy Support pillow is the best choice for you. It is a versatile product that can be used in various ways for both sleeping and lounging. It can be placed between legs and snuggled for sleeping, or used for extra support for belly and back. Moreover, it can also be used as a back pillow and offers support for any body part. Its compact design makes it easy for one to carry it anywhere, such as while traveling in a car, or airplane. Also, you can sleep comfortably with your partner as the pillow won’t take much space, unlike other pregnancy pillows. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the cover getting dirty as it comes with a zip and can be easily taken off and washed.

How much it costs and is it worth it?

The price of this pillow is %29.84. It’s highly recommendable considering its numerous usages. One can not only use it for support during pregnancy, but also after pregnancy, such as a supporting cushion for when feeding your child, or using as a support for your baby to sit up.

  1. Proud Body Deluxe Belly Casting Kit

Looking for some fun activities that you can do during your pregnancy? The Deluxe Belly Cast kit is a great option for you if you love painting. This is not only a basic pregnancy belly cast kit but a whole fun package for art-loving expecting mothers or fathers who love coloring everything. All that you need for decorating your belly cast kit is provided in the packaging. You can check out the samples sheets for ideas on how to cast and decorate. Moreover, all the material is easy to use and comes in a natural lubricant form. So, say no to boring days while you create memories to cherish later on.

How much it costs and is it worth it?

It could be bought at an affordable price of $26.90. The kit carries all that you need for a great artistic belly casting and is really cheap considering the things that it includes

To make your pregnancy period all the more stress-free and enjoyable, you MUST consider buying any of these pregnancy pillows. If you are one of those concerned husbands while she is pregnant, nothing could be a better gift for your queen than a pregnancy pillow. Yes, make her feel special! May your bundle of joy fill your hearts and lives with happiness and contentment!



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