Guardian Pool/Spa 2 Pack Filters – Replaces Unicel C-4326, C-4625, Filbur FC-2375, Pleatco PRB-25-25 sq. ft.



Guardian Pool and Spa Replacement Filters Review 2019 | Buying Guide

Do you want to keep the water of your swimming pool or spa sparkling clear and free from microbes? You probably are thinking why not because who wants to take a swim in algae-ridden water? Or what about a pool’s water that stinks to high heaven due to poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions? This is where pool and spa filters come into action.

Rendering to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), the number of public and residential swimming pools in the U.S. are 309,000 and 10.4 million respectively. This popping number necessitates having filters for spas and swimming pools for the safety of public health.

With having the experience of more than fourteen years, Guardian Filtration is a well-known brand producing, and warehousing a complete range of pool and spa filter cartridges as well.

What makes their products so special is their compatibility with brands like Sunbeam, Sta-Rite, Hayward, Filbur, Unicel, Pleatco, Pentair, and the list goes on.

What factors To Consider When Buying Replacement Spa filters and Swimming pool filters?

It’s indispensable to have the right filters when you want to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the water in your spa or pool. You might be running from shop to shop in search of the apt spa filter cartridges or pool filter cartridge replacements.

Unfortunately, you may not find the right pool cartridge filters from a particular store too. Moreover, using an incorrect filter can cost you pricey repairs.

Fortunately, getting the right filter for your spas and pools is quite easy if you have a bit of relevant knowledge beforehand. First of all, you need to get acclimated to the different kinds of filters for pools and spas, i.e., DE pool filters, Sand pool filters, and cartridge pool filters.

With regard to the type of your pool, some other important factors that you should keep into consideration are as follow:

  • Efficiency
  • Cost
  • Capacity
  • Easy Maintenance

Secondly, you require calculating the capacity of your pool, so you can buy the right filter.

Lastly, you should know how and from which platform to compare products of the same kind that different manufacturers are offering to make a cost-effective purchase.

Keep the Water Squeaky Clean with Wide-ranging Guardian Pool and Spa Filters Cartridge

Guardian Filtration Products proudly and successfully offer a broad array of high-quality pool and spa filter cartridges to choose from.  Remember that in order to clean out the water, you need a minimum of two complete sets of pool and spa filter cartridges.

Here is a list of some well-liked and top-rated pool and spa filter cartridges from the shelf of the Guardian Filtration Products:

  1. Replaces Filbur: FC-0121, Pleatco: PTL18P4-4 and Unicel: 4CH-21; Guardian Pool and Spa Filter Cartridge

Essentially, the responsibility of spa and pool filter cartridges is to keep the swimming water as clean as a whistle. They keep the water free from any kind of contamination to offer a completely safe swimming environment to the people. In fact, you can ensure dirt-free, oil-free and decontaminated swimming water by investing in the Guardian Pool and Spa Filter Cartridge replacing.

Price Details and Reviews:

You can get this befitting pack of two filters in just $38.99. Why people like this product so much is due to its good quality manufacturing material, high affordability as well as being a perfect fit.

  1. Guardian Pool Filter Cartridge: Replaces Star Clear C500 PA50 C-7656 FC-1240 and Hayward CX500RE

It replaces Filbur FC-1240, Unicel C-7656 and Pleatco PA50. Although chlorinated water of the swimming pool kills microbes as well as maintains its disinfected state, ensuring its filtration is the job of a pool filter.  More importantly, if you are a regular swimmer, you need to be extra careful about the hygiene of the swimming pool water. Otherwise, you can’t get a clean bill of health. For the owners of swimming pools, taking care of the sanitary conditions becomes even more crucial for the smooth running of their business. So just get the Guardian Pool Filter Cartridge for your pool to maintain its cleanliness to a maximum level.

Price Details and Reviews:

This amazing filter cartridge for your pool costs you $35.99. Consumers have positive reviews due to the sturdiness, perfect fitting, reasonable price and efficient functioning of it.

  1. Guardian Spa Filter Cartridge: Replaces Pleatco PMA40L-F2M

Rendering to CDC’s report, the percentage of spas violating local environmental health ordinances was about 56.8%. Moreover, one in nine spas needs to be closed immediately.

For the Outer MICROBAN Cartridge for Nested System of your spa, get the Pleatco PMA25-M Replacement Cartridge. Being an antimicrobial filter cartridge, it can ensure a healthful environment of your spa. Thus, your spa will be in line with safety standards.

Price Details and Reviews:

You can get the antimicrobial spa filter in just $22.51. Some reasons why people are increasingly becoming a fan of this product are inclusive of its apt fittingness, efficient performance as well as it is inexpensive.

I hope the above guide has helped you a lot to get the correct filter for your spas. Aside from this, the guide is equal parts advantageous for those having a swimming pool in their homes. Make your swimming experience safer and cleaner by purchasing the perfect fitting filter for it. Have a Happy and Healthy Swim Buddies!


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