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Best Night Light with Motion Sensors, Roundup and Review 2019

The night light motion sensors have turned out to be a common tool in the household. From a wide range of lights for the family to a nightlight for the security systems, motion sensor lights have many uses and are considered a necessity of the modern homes. For those of you, who do not understand the idea, the device is pretty self-explanatory. When there is a movement in the room, the garage or in front of your house, the indoor motion sensor turns on and lights up the surroundings. The motion activated night lights are used both for security and lightning purpose as well. Motion sensor nightlights come in many versions such as infrared, LED, Ultrasonic, combined, and tomographical.

Here we have compiled a list of the best night lights with motion sensors so that you will know which one to choose!

Mr. Beams Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing Nightlight- $19

They come in a pack of three for 19$. It should be noted here that they are basically for indoor because their light is not strong enough for outside. Their positive aspect is that they run on a battery and do not need any electricity. You simply need to hang them up on the wall and they will run on their own. The usual set of AA battery will last up to 80 hours. They are good for camping trips because they give bright LED light that will light up the area around you. This night light motion sensor will also last 50,000 hours, so they will definitely outlast competitors in the market. They automatically turn off near sunlight and that makes them energy efficient as well in some capacity. The motion sensor has the capacity to detect movement from 9-feet away, and after that, it turns off after 30 seconds of no movement. The casing is made up of metal and plastic, so it doesn’t break that easily.

The GE Ultra Brite Motion-Sensing LED Night-Light- $7

This LED nightlight can detect motion from up to 25 feet, moreover, it will turn off automatically after 90 seconds if no movement is sensed by the sensors. Motion sensor nightlight has 40 lumens of light so it is pretty bright, plus it does not operate when there is strong light in the area. It comes in a range of colors; bronze, white, silver, and nickel brown. It is considered ideal for bathrooms as it comes along with ultra sharp sensors. GE Ultra Brite Motion-Activated LED seems to have side vision issues and it is only triggered from the front.

AMIR Motion Sensor Light- $8

This one is also a battery run motion activated night light with strong adhesives attached to the back. You will simply stick them to the wall and they’ll do the rest. They are also famous for giving off a strong bright light and will light up your entire room. They are ideal for garage light and the sole reason behind is their ability to shine brightly without lagging for even once. Indoor motion sensor uses passive infrared light and gets turn on from a distance of 10-feet. They do not turn on if there is any other source of light available.

The Wishlight Motion Sensing Auto Night-Light- $35

This Wishlist product is a great option for a wireless motion activated night light needs. The Motion sensor nightlight has a range of 10-feet and remains turned on for 30 seconds after no movement. The pack comes with its own screws and tapes and it has an elegant look. The reviews of this product are positive and encouraging but the light is considered to be dim by most of the users.

Vintar 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Night Light- $10

These lights are specially designed for bathrooms as they can easily be hanged over the toilet bowl. They come in a wide range of sixteen colors that you can choose from and your toilet bowl will be always lit when you walk into your bathroom. The light is made of PVB handle and can be easily fitted into any toilet. The motion activated night light comes with a color control that is present on the outer surface. You can choose whichever color you want at a moment’s notice. It is light sensitive and only operates in the dark.

These are our best picks of night light motion sensor for you to review. We have tried to categorize them according to the best place to use them at. We would like to remind you that every indoor motion sensor has a specific intensity and capacity that makes it suitable for a specific location. So, try to choose your location in the first place before buying the night light.


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