FilterLogic UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter, Replacement for Maytag UKF8001P, PUR, Jenn-Air, Filter 4, 4396395, UKF8001AXX-200, UKF8001AXX-750, 469006, CLCH101, SGF-M9 (Pack of 3)



Review of Best Refrigerator Water Filters Pricing Details

When shopping for the best refrigerator water filter, the following article will provide you with useful information that will aid you in making an informed decision.

Why Buy Or Replace Water Filters?

The water filters play an essential role in your refrigerators proper running and functioning. Changing a worn-out filter is essential, as it prevents contaminants from resting in your drinking water. Some of the advantages of replacing your old water filter include:

  • Chlorine Taste And Odor

Filters chlorine out as the chlorine treated water and adds a certain taste to it. The filter makes sure the impurities are wiped out of your water.

  • Chemicals and Heavy Metals

Imagine those chemicals and metals getting into your drinking water; its complications and harmful effects can make you seriously ill. The filter change is critical in keeping such toxicities out.

  • Microbial Cysts

Some microbes survive in cyst to grow when there is ample supply of food. Now imagine they get into your water and in your body as well. Up the next, your body will be a gold mine to such microbes and their cysts. It should be noted here that species like Cryptosporidium aren’t affected by chlorine, so the filter is one way of making sure these don’t get to you or your children.

Top Water Filters For Refrigerators

General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

This filter comes with a side by side fit guarantee for GE and also for bottom-freezer refrigerators. It is certified in resisting cysts and lead as well. Moreover, it also barricades the penetration of pharmaceuticals and 15 more contaminants into your water. Apart from that, it comes with an easy twist and locks design too that means no filter tools are needed to replace your filter.

The maximum filtered water flow is 0.5gpm with a six-month filter life. So, drink pure water for 6 whole worry-free months. The cartridge offers 300 gallons enough to perform for 6 optimum months. Don’t worry the MWF is tried and tested, plus it’s certified too.

Samsung Genuine DA299-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter

This Samsung filter gets rid of 99% of harmful toxins and contaminants by putting a high graded carbon block to the job. This filter presents you spring fresh water with only costing you $34.99.

Frigidaire WF2CB Pure Source 2 Ice and Water Filtration System

This NSF certified refrigerator filter is a winner in its own kind. It offers a reduction of cyst by 99%, which makes your water clean up to much extent. Not only that, but it also combats herbicides, Alachlor, Atraxine, and much more.

It comes with a $10.14 price tag.

Every Drop By Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

This filter is said to be the sole certified filter system that works perfectly with Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, and Amana Refrigerators as well. It combats the most contaminants just in split seconds. You just need to replace this 200-gallon filter after every 6 months for optimum performance.

Waterdrop UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter

This Maytag Water filter comes with the powerful carbon block filter that will sieve the bad toxins away from your water. It won’t let water leak as it fits perfectly. The Maytag UKF8001 Water filter gives you up to 6 month’s worth of service, with giving you 750 gallons of pure and clean water throughout. It fits many versions of Maytag refrigerators.

This Maytag water filter also comes with an indicator that reminds you when it is time to change the filter. It only cost you around $9.80

Filter Logic UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter

This filter costs $24.98. It is NSF 42 and NSF 372 certified, which means it is certified in reducing chlorine taste, odor, and levels of lead. The high functioning coconut carbon block offers you crisp clear water and keeps the contaminants at bay. This affordable piece of equipment will aid you in keeping top-notch care of your family as it is easy to install, and is affordable too. You require no toolbox to get this up and running. The filter logic water filter is great for your pocket and your health as it costs way less than others.


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