Etekcity Digital Multimeter MSR-R500 , Electronic Amp Volt Ohm Meter Diode Voltage Tester



Gone are the days that a multimeter would only be used by an electrician or a proper technician. It is the era of DIYs and technology has come to its best with making outreach to almost everyone in some capacity. The present-day digital multimeters are extremely simple to operate, plus they can be used by almost anyone, for the number of tasks. What is essential is picking the right multimeter that suits your needs the best. That in itself is not an easy task given the numerous products available out there in the market. In order to cut down the work for you, here are some of the best digital multimeter voltage testers.

Klein Multimeter MM500 Auto Ranging Multimeter

If you had to pick the best multimeter for electronics, then Klein Multimeter MM500 Auto Ranging Multimeter would definitely be the one. And that too at a reasonable price.

This device is absolutely perfect while working on electronics, performing repairs on electric ranges, outlets, breakers and such. Not only does it work ideally on electronics, but is also suitable for use when dealing with automobiles.

It features drop protection, auto range, and waterproof as well. It can measure resistance up to 4000Oh and voltage up to 750V.

Retailing on Amazon for about $167, it is definitely not the cheapest device, but given its features and durability, one would definitely say that it’s fairly priced.

AstroAI Multimeter with Volt, Amp and Diode Test

The best kind of product, in any context, is the one that’s simple to use and is efficient as well. While talking about digital multimeters, the Astro AI Multimeter is a simple device that does all the basic measurements for you.

It has the sampling speed of 2 times per second, plus, also features the ability of troubleshooting not only automotive but household electrical problems as well and that too without any hazard. It can measure resistance up to 20MOHMs, voltage up to 500V and current up to 10A.

Given its features and simplicity, the Astro AI Multimeter retails at the fair price of almost 10$ on Amazon where it is also listed as #1 Best Seller in Multi Testers.

Mastech MS8268 Series Digital Multimeter

It may cost a little more than the other super basic multimeters, but at the same time, it speaks volume, when it comes to the features and specifications. And if there’s a product that will give others out there the run for the money, it’s the Mastech MS8268 Series Digital Multimeter.

Mastech’s latest product comes with a one-year warranty. It measures resistance up to 400Ohm, voltage up to 1000V and current up to 10A.

You get all these features in a product that retails, on Amazon, at no more than $25. And this is why it’s the perfect product for the given price.

Track life Advanced Digital Multimeter

Here’s a multimeter for you that gives you a higher accuracy along with guaranteed safer testing. These two being the key feature of the Track life Advanced Digital multimeter, this device will be sure to get the job done.

Along with its basic voltmeter functions, this advanced digital multimeter also features a flashlight which makes working in the dark a lot easier. It also allows you to measure the temperature, which makes working with electrics a lot safer even when working in untoward conditions.

The Track life Advanced Digital Multimeter can measure resistance up to 600Ohms, voltage up to 1000V and current up to 10A.

On Amazon, you can find this digital multimeter for about $26, which, given its features is a steal.

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

Marked as Amazon’s choice, this digital multimeter is absolutely the perfect choice for all the professionals out there. With slightly more complex use and controls, Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter offers everything a professional would want in a digital multimeter.

When it comes to multimeters, all technicians and professionals would agree that Fluke is the leading brand. The 87-V Digital Multimeter proves to be one of the best devices, offering an analog bar, auto ranging, and also beeps if you insert the wrong thing into the jack. It can measure resistance up to 500Ohms, voltage up to 1000V and current up to 20A.

It is unarguably expensive, retailing at about $350, but it should be kept in mind that the given price is for a professional device, and that justifies it too much extent.


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