Ella’s Kitchen Organic 6+ Months Baby Food, Apples Sweet Potatoes Pumpkin and Blueberries, 3.5 oz. Pouch (Pack of 6)



Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food Review 2019: Where to Buy?

Organic baby food might be expensive than chemically-infused baby food, but you can’t comprehend its benefits. One thing you have to keep in mind is that chemicals in processed baby formula act as addictive. Consequently, your baby gets depend on chemical and diet enriched with sugar from a really young age.

Organic baby diet is free from such toxins. Everyone knows about the freshness of chemical-free food. Furthermore, they have more nutrients than any other conventional baby food and tastes better as well. Another advantage is that you can store them in the freezer for an extended period of time without worrying about it losing the nutrition value or the freshness.

As more people realize the benefits of organic food the demands of such products are rising with every passing day. Several companies come up with their own product but everybody isn’t good enough to stay in the race for longer times. What we would like to suggest you is before buying food for your precious child always check the label first and also to avoid the food with high salt, sugar and thickening agents such as flour and starches. As your baby needs iron for his developing brain and body, opt for iron-rich diet.

Where Can You Buy Organic Baby Food?

Organic baby food is easily available on any Walmart and Target branch. Just visit the store and purchase the brand you need. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to visit any store, then just type www.amazon.com on your search bar. Amazon gives you the option of selecting the best organic diet for your baby without any hoopla. Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food is one best-selling diet for babies on Amazon and that’s for a reason. The product targets kids from 6 months to over 1 year old. This product also promises lactose and glutton free food. Moreover, vegetarian options are also available on their list. Here are some of the best products it offers:

Ella’s Pumpkin Baby Food

Your kid will ask for an apple, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and blueberries puree again and again. One of the customers on Amazon claimed that it is the perfect food for picky eaters. The ideal diet for children at the age of 6 months, the product has the nutrition your child requires with 70% calories and no fat in a single serving, this is one of the healthiest diets your child can have. Moreover, less than ten grams of organic sugar, 0.4mg of iron and 20mg calcium in one spoon is an ideal diet for your child’s developing brain and bones.

The pouch and hand-screw top make it easy for you to use it. You don’t need a bowl to mix the formula. Just squeeze it on a spoon and feed it to your kid. Moreover, the pouch and air-tight hand-screw top will not let the product get contaminated. You can get 7 packs of 3.5 ounces of this amazing product at the price of $18.34. It is one of the best vegetarian, lactose and glutton free baby food available in the market.

Ella’s Baby Food Pouch Beefy Stew with Vegetables and Potatoes

Your baby needs to develop the taste of meat as it is one of the most iron-enriched products. This product contains a mixture of beef, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, parsnip, rutabaga, onions, leeks, and spices which are certified USDA products. With 0.5mg iron and 90 percent calories in a single serving is ideal for your child’s growth at the age of 6 months and older. On another hand, 200mg potassium will improve your child’s muscle function and normalizes hearth’s rhythm.

Organic food in glass containers should not be considered as a feasible option as the glass might break and harm your kids. Ella’s baby food comes in pouches which are safe to put around your kids and 6 packs 0.50 ounce costs only $13.38.

Ella’s Kitchen Apples + Strawberries Nibbly Fingers

The ingredients of Ella’s Nibbly Fingers include whole grain oats, malted barley extract, dried apples, raisins, palm oil, sunflower oil, and dried strawberries. Whole oats are rich in fiber and are easy to digest. Furthermore, they are not rich in minerals and vitamins but are still high on antioxidants. On another hand, raisins are an exceptional source for iron and other minerals such as potassium and phosphorous.

Nibbly fingers are the perfect food for babies who are over one year old. Moreover, its ideal option for people who are actually looking out for a vegetarian diet for their kids. You can purchase 9 packs at a price of $48.50.

Ella’s Kitchen the Red One

Banana, strawberry, apple, raspberry puree, and lemon juice define the composition of the Red One. This product is an ideal organic diet for kids who are 1 year old or older than that.  The major component in this product, Banana is not only high in fiber but is equally good when it comes to improving eyesight.  On the other hand, Strawberries are known to be rich in Vitamin C which develops the immunity system of the baby.

Moreover, this organic diet is glutton and lactose-free. Most of the customers on Amazon have appreciated this product’s nutrition values and have also stated that their kids love the taste of it for a reason. This 7-pack products only cost around $17.80.


Parents consider their baby’s health to be their top priority. Ella’s Kitchens products can be described as nutritious organic baby diet. They are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, calories, etc. And that’s all good enough to make your kid stand taller and stronger as compared to the other kids of age-group.


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