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Unique Ways to Use Command Utility Hooks: Prices and Review

Whether it is the case of house renovation or buying a new house, house maintenance becomes a top priority right from the go. In such conditions, getting to know about command utility hooks is no less than a boon in disguise. They offer you a drill-free method to hang, organize, store, hide, and décor your home without letting the objects fall off the walls for years.

Command Utility Hooks are the most functional instruments used by modern designers and organizers. Despite the fact that people are attracted to minimalistic house decor ideas, they are still consuming hundreds of goods with every passing day. Therefore, these little superheroes are capable of tidying up space in your minimalistic home space, no matter how much clutter you’ve made.

Reasons Why Command Hooks Have Attained Huge Popularity?

The adhesive hooks are amazing replacements for usual troubles of sticky residue, nail holes, and cracked plaster. Especially, when you have rented a house, apartment, or a flat; it’s imperative to maintain the place yet have your requirements fulfilled. To ease your headache, 3M’s Command Hooks have truly revolutionized the way you can decorate the house. Similarly, Command Picture Hanging Strips make home décor look an effortless and flawless endeavor. Plus, the hooks and strips come off easily without leaving behind any sticky residue on the wall.

How to Fix Command Hooks?

Once you’ve decided a spot to fix the hook, clean it thoroughly with isopropyl rubbing alcohol as per the instructions that are given on the packaging. Let it dry and then remove the black liner from the strip, attach it to the desired spot, press it firmly for 30 seconds to get it fixed rightly. Now, remove the blueliner from the hook and press it against the strip for 30 seconds. Voila, it’s done!

But, don’t act too anxious; just wait for an hour before you start hanging around your stuff.

Isn’t it far much easier to use than to hassle around with those nails, drill machines, and hammers? Keep attaching and removing the hooks for an endless amount of time without leaving a trail of marks.

Unique Ways of How to Use Command Hooks To Your Advantage

Here’s to the ingenious ways of using command utility hooks around the house to organize, store, embellish, or tidy up the messy spaces:

  1. Hide Electrical Cables

While clearing up your home, you need to get rid of tangled up thoughts and the electric wires too. The mission impossible is achieved quite immaculately by using command hooks. They can disguise the pesky cords behind even the thinnest of furniture in an organized manner. Simply follow the instructions of how to stick the hooks perfectly at the desired spot, and make it a seamless process of handling tricky troublemakers—I mean, the endlessly long cords.

  1. Design the Entryway

You can redesign the entryway of your house, and make it all the more useful by creating a hanging place around. At least, you wouldn’t have to rummage through the cupboards to find the things of daily use such as hats, scarves, umbrellas, and so on. To add glam to it, the 3M Command Strips can be used to hang some decorative accessories in the entryway as well to give it a striking, and upgraded look as well.

  1. Bedeck Your House for Special Events

Friends and family gatherings occur quite often, and if you wish to adorn your home without leaving a mark of celebrations afterward, command hooks are the answer. Easy to put up and simple to take down, use the hooks to hang the banners, balloons, photos, and whatsoever to make your event unforgettable. Be versatile, and spark your creativity with the usage of these hooks to give your event a splendid look.

  1. Hang the Curtains Anywhere You Wish

Well, now you really don’t need to drill holes, get the rod holders, and regret hanging the curtains at the not-so-perfect place. Yup, mishaps happen. With command hooks, you can always fix them. No marks, no worries: seems like a beauty cream advertisement. But obviously, the furnishing of your house matters equally. So, get the Command Forever Classic Large Metal Hooks and hang the curtains at the right spot. Make sure to divide the weight equally to prevent accidental removal of hooks. Check out the recommended weight claims in the instruction manual.

  1. Organize the Closet with Organizing Hooks

While organizing your room, the closet is the trickiest place to handle. Why not put these command hooks around the closet to hang your accessories, caps, belts, and other trivial things that often get lost in your closet mess. Plus, it will help in creating some extra space for you to go shopping!

  1. Organize the Kitchen Space

The hooks can aid you in zillions of ways to organize, store, and even décor your kitchen space. Hide the pot lids behind the cabinet doors; hang the strainers, cleaning tools, utensils, and spatulas; create the coffee stations; hook the trash bag, and whatsoever with these remarkable weapons of the 21st Century.

How Much Do Command Hooks Cost?

Command hook’s prices stand in no comparison with what utility they offer you. Talking about the prices, command hooks are usually within the price range of $3.00 to about $15.00 at maximum. For instance, the price of Command Jumbo Hook starts from $4.09, Command Forever Classic Metal Hook starts from $6.99, and Command 3M Hooks starts from $9.99. Check them out for yourself, and I bet you’d be convinced to buy them as early as possible.

What About Command Utility Hooks Reviews?

Needless to say, no one denies the benefits they’ve reaped from buying the utility hooks. About 80 to 90 percent reviews are entirely positive with consumers sharing their creativity employing the hooks. If 10 percent are unconvinced, it’s the case with the improper fixing or usage of the utility hooks. Aren’t you going to look up for the Command Utility Hooks too?


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