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Best Command Picture Hanging Strips 2019: Review and Price Details

One of the most essential items, in any household, are hanging strips especially picture hanging strips. Pictures hold a lot of memories and it is what separates a house from a lively home. People want to hang their happy moments with family and friends as a reminder of good old times. The ultimate solution to all that is the command hanging strips.

People aren’t clear enough about the best use of such strips. But using the right kind of picture hanging strips can be noticeably better than using just any sort of hanging strips on your wall. And Command strips heavy duties are just the right example.

Command offers not only quality hanging strips but also sustainability to the wall or place where it’s hanged. They are made out of strong material to ensure there is no damage to wall, tables, cupboards where you want to hang your pictures.

Types of Command Photo Hanging Strips

There are different types of strips available on the official website of Command. You can buy the pack as per the need and size of the picture you want to hang. There are around 30-40 types of Command picture hanging strips so it’s really a careful decision.

Picture Hanging Kit

It is a reclosable kit for easy hanging and storing after use. You can use frames and posters and hang them using this pack. It is an ideal size to be used in a living room, bedroom, and office wall as well. This Command strips heavy duty can hold up to 3lbs of weight. The best part is that it does not hamper the place where you want to hang your picture. You do not need to have tools or exert yourself with this hanging strip. These strips can be used on painted walls, tiles, metal surfaces, and glass work without the nail-hitting process.

Command Large Canvas Picture Hangers

This Command wall strips can be used for heavy canvases. You can easily hang paintings, decorations, and canvas simply by placing them on picture hanger. Command has made sawtooth grip to avoid slipping of the canvas. If you want to take your canvas down, it can easily be taken off. It can hold up to 5 lbs. Once you remove the hanger, there are no sticky marks left behind. Do not worry about destroying your wall anymore.

Command Easel Back Picture Hanging Strips

Easels are heavy and difficult to take care of when they are placed on the floor. So, the safe option is to hang them and preserve the beautiful work of art. Command provides a separate hanging strip for Easels, plus it is easy to store and hang. Moreover, because of its width and depth, you can hang frames without easel stand interruption. This piece of work is heavy but when you take your hanging strip down, there will be no sticky residue. It can hold up to 5 lbs. It comes with two spacers as well.

Application of Command Picture Hanging Strips

It is important to give time to hanging strip after placing it on the wall. At least provide 7-days before hanging heavyweight. Do not stick on irregular surfaces or rigid frames. Always follow the instruction manual to avoid any damage to your frames and paintings.

How much Weight Command Strips can bear?

Choosing the right product is important. Command has a wide range of products so it’s essential to find the right fit. Do make sure to check the weight capacity of the product you are choosing and the item you are going to hang on it.

Command hanging strips are not reusable so once you take them off, it’s merely an item rolling around in your home.

Price Point of Wall Hangers Without Nails

Price ranges from $3 to $30 depending upon the number of hangers and types you are getting.

Supported Hanging Surfaces

Command’s supported surfaces are endless. You can use it on a plain wall, painted wall, mat finish or any wallpaper. Other material adhesives to it are varnished wood, concrete walls, tiled surface. It can also be placed on the metal surface or glass work. If you have a laminated surface in your house, you can use these picture hanging strips there as well. It also supports PVC surfaces. Some surfaces to avoid are textured walls, bricks or rough surfaces.


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