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Best Bumkins Waterproof Bibs 2019: Buying Guide and Price

When you have babies in your house, sometimes, the house can become a real mess. Feeding your baby can result in creating a huge mess for you with dirty clothes every now and then, and you may not be able to wash them the whole day. So, there are baby bibs manufactured for you that help you from preventing the food to drop on your baby’s clothes and on the floor as well. The waterproof bib makes sure that the clothes do not get wet by any liquids. The bibs waterproof feature and the easy washability helps in avoiding messes and saving time.

No matter how old your baby is, you need a lot of bibs of different types to get through a few early years of your parenthood. We have picked up some best bibs of 2019 in order to help you get the best.

Waterproof Silicone Baby Bib with Food Catcher Pocket

This is more than a traditional bib which is not required to be washed every time it gets dirty. These are easy to clean and dry out right quick. There is soft silicon material used in them that does not hurt the skin of the baby at all. It has a special feature of a food catcher that is used to catch up all the parts of food that do not go into the baby’s mouth.

These bibs can also be used while on move in your car or while dining outside where you are not much into making your hands and baby’s clothes dirty. It has a comfortable fit that is also not heavy for the baby’s neck. You can also give it as a gift to your friends and family, and that will be one amazing gift for sure. It is available for only $14.95 at Amazon.

Bumkins Disney Lion King Simba Junior Bib

These bumkins bibs are the ones with waterproof material and have an adjustable fixing that can be fit for your baby. `This short-sleeved bib is for 1 to 3 years babies and it is wipeable and can easily be washed too so with all this you can use it again and again.

The special bumkin fabric is soft and odor resistant as well, plus it’s waterproof too. These are lightweight and comfortable bibs that have a cotton layer on which stains do not stick at all. It is available for only $9.95 on Amazon.

Paw Legend Long Sleeved Baby Bib

The long sleeve bib is a handy item that is not only good at home, but you can also use it outdoor. This bib can be folded as well, plus it will not occupy much space in your diaper bag. It has some attractive features including the elastic cuffs on the sleeves so that the food does not get into the sleeves. It also comes with a pouch to catch the residue food. The baby bibs waterproof feature is also one of the great features that make this bib useful in multiple ways. You can find it by writing long sleeve baby bib Amazon on the internet. It is available for $9.98 only.

Matimati Baby Bandana Bib

The bandana bibs are one of the cutest baby fashions emerged from the last couple of years. It is not only cute and beautiful; it is equally handy as well.

It can keep your child dry even when you do not have any waterproof layer. It can be washed in a machine and its fabric is quite eco-friendly as well. These bibs come in various styles and colors. Moreover, they are budget-friendly and you can snap them up in just $18.95 on Amazon.

Bibsters by Neat Solutions Large Disposable Bibs

As the name better suggests that these are the disposable bibs, which turns out to be very true with even once using this product you can use it again and again. Although, their design and cute prints do not make them seem like the disposable ones.

They will protect your baby from normal drips and drools. It has a pocket at the bottom to keep the dropped food inside rather than getting it spilled on the floor. These bibs are non-toxic and are PVC and BPA free as well. You can get them at a quite cheap price of $7.99.

Dex Baby Dura-bib Big Mouth

These bibs look good as they have animal’s faces on them with their big smiles. You can use this DuraBib Big Mouth bibs by Dex baby by breaking the opening to catch the messes and then unsnapping them to clean up those messes.

Now you will not have to dig in to clean the corners of the pockets, but it is specially made for easy cleaning. These bibs come in two different sizes, one for the babies up to 6 months and another for the older ones. It is a 4-bibs pack having the smiles of the animal’s dog, hippo, lion, and monkey. It is specially designed for the purpose of “catch-all”. It is an adjustable bib and has a limited lifetime guarantee. You can get them from Amazon for just $24.99.


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