Aku Tonpa Flameless Candles Battery Operated Pillar Real Wax Flickering Moving Wick Electric LED Candle Sets with Remote Control Cycling 24 Hours Timer, 4″ 5″ 6″ Pack of 3



Best Flameless Candles Review 2019 (Battery Operated Candles)

Candles will not only light up your room but are an ideal decorative piece to create a cozy environment. Still, people don’t prefer them as they create a lot of mess when the wax melts and produce hazardous toxins. Moreover, they might be harmful to small children and pets. Keeping this in mind, companies have introduced flameless candles which are easy to use. These battery operated candles have several advantages and some of them are mentioned below:

Even if you knock them over or forget to blow them, these candles will not burn your whole house down as they come with battery operated LED light. Moreover, they will never get hot so you don’t have to keep a vigilant check on your kids to stop them from touching it.

Flameless candles are usually made of wax, but it won’t melt as LED light has replaced the burning flame. You don’t need to spend hours cleaning stubborn wax stains from rugs, floors, side tables, etc. In other words, these LED candles not only come with a reasonable price but also have a durable structure.

You can even place them in your children’s room as these candles won’t produce any toxic fumes. Moreover, you can use these candles without worrying about the health of your family.

Most flameless candles come with various scents to increase the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

Aku Tonpa Flameless Candles

Aku Tonpa battery operated candles with the flickering flame will increase the aesthetic appeal of your house. The flame simulation technology will let the LED light sway and flicker, which will convince you that a real flame is burning inside the candle. To make it look more like a real candle, paraffin wax has been utilized in the construction of its shell.

To operate it, you just need the remote control which is provided with the item. You don’t have to get up from the sofa to turn them on. What you all have to do is just press the on and off button while enjoying your favorite show and the candle will simply light up your room. Furthermore, you can also adjust the brightness of the candle using remote control. These candles also include automatic time feature. Flameless candles with the timer will automatically turn on and off according to the time you have set.

At the price of $17.99, you can get three candles with different sizes and remote control. The tallest candle has the dimensions of D 3.25″ x H 4″ while other candle measures D 3.25″ x H 5″. The smallest candle has 6 inches height and 3.25 inches in diameter. Every candle requires 2AA battery which can last more than 200hrs. On another hand, the lifetime of candles is 50,000hrs. More than 400 customers have awarded 4.5 stars on Amazon to this product.

Homemory Flameless LED Tea Light

The set of 12 flameless candles will be perfect for an outdoor event such as weddings or a family picnic to the beach. These votive candles are the right size to create a romantic atmosphere. The LED flame won’t lose its brightness even if you have placed them in votive holder or lantern. Moreover, the LED flame has a realistic outlook. One customer has stated that the flame moves if you blow on it.

Flameless candles made up of prefix wax cannot be put outside as the wax will become soft, if it is exposed to direct sunlight. Noticing this point, Homemory made the shell of battery candles out of plastic. In other words, these candles will last longer than most of the flameless candles. At the price of $8.99, you can get twelve votive candles with batteries which last more than 150 hrs. The size of each candle is 1.4″D x1.25″H. The only disadvantage of this item is that you have to turn them on and off manually. It’s 4.4 rating on Amazon shows that most customers are satisfied with this product.

Gideon Flameless Pillar Candles

Buy Gideon flameless candle for your next candle-light dinner as its 9 inches Height x 3.25 Diameter makes them perfect for that event. Swaying and flickering of LED flame will make your guests question whether the flame is real or not. Moreover, paraffin wax shell won’t melt so you don’t need to face any messy furniture or rugs.

If you love to control everything around you, then you would love its remote control too. Depending on the event, you have the option of setting the timer at 2hrs, 4hrs, 6hrs, and 8hrs. Consequently, you can sleep peacefully at night as you don’t have to worry about whether you have turned off the candle or not. Moreover, the option of adjusting the brightness of the candle makes an ideal night light for your kids who are afraid of the dark. On another hand, you require 2 AA batteries to operate them.

Another advantage of this product is that it is vanilla scented. A fresh and subtle scent will fill your room as soon as you turn them on. You can get one candle at a price of $35.99.


Most people have started preferring flameless candles for outdoor functions as they don’t get affected by the weather. They won’t stop flickering even if they face a tornado. Flameless candles are perfect for homes that have kids and pets. Furthermore, with the introduction of this item in your house, you won’t have nightmares about dripping wax. These candles will not only make your home safe but will also save your precious earnings.


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