Adecorty Wine Bottle Lights with Cork – Silver Wire Cork Lights for Bottle 12 Pack 6.5ft 20 LED Bottle Lights Battery Powered Christmas String Lights for Party Halloween Wedding Christmas (Warm White)




Adecorty Wine Bottle Lights with Cork Review and Buying Guide 2019

Wine bottle lights are the decor of the 21st century that give your bottles a whole different look. Adecorty is a company that specializes in wine bottle decor and has a wide range of different bottle lights that you can choose out from. Great for parties or social events and even the holiday season; these lights give your liquor a great look with fairy lights all around them, which can be done by yourself in whichever way you want them to be.

The Adecorty Wine Bottle Lights also come attached with a cork which you can use for your bottle and it has the switch attached to the cork section which can be used to turn the lights on. These bottle Lights can be used as lamps as well if you’re into it; just a little DIY and you’ll be there. You can place these lights inside a wine bottle, and then you can switch them on the glass of the wine that will make the light inside increase, and you can practically use it as a dim lamp for home or even special occasions.

This can also be a perfect gift for creative people as they would love to use the wine bottle lights in their homes. Adecorty Bottle Lights are LED string lights that come with a very low heat emission, which means you do not have to worry about collateral damage when placing the light inside a wine bottle. The LED string lights are power saving and are environment-friendly, so you do not have to worry about the quality as Adecorty is known for delivering great quality.

Why Adecorty Wine Bottle Lights With Cork?

These Bottle Lights can be bought in packs of 6, 12 or even 24 depending upon your need, and in the package there comes LED string lights attached to the cork which has a place on it where you can place batteries as well. The LED string lights produce a warm white color when inside a wine bottle or around it, which really affects the environment around you as it makes people feel more at peace or in a comfortable environment.

The LED string lights are super bright and are attached to a silver wire which can mold to any shape you want it to; along with these new batteries recommended for this product come within the package. It is literally an all you can need package as in the given price you get everything and don’t need anything extra to decorate a dinner table. Adecorty is confident in the high quality their company abides by; they even give their customers a 90-day guarantee regarding all the items included in their products list. Moreover, if anything is below par regarding quality, they will exchange it if you contact them within 90 days of sale.

Where to buy Adecorty Wine Bottle Lights with Cork?

Adecorty can be bought from any retail store as it is a market leader in their industry and if you want to order it online head right to Amazon or eBay. You can buy the Adecorty Wine Bottle Lights 12 pack which is available in two colors namely warm white and light white for $16.99 USD. At this price this product is stellar, you can decorate 12 bottles for this price which means you just have to spend a little above $1 USD to get your empty bottles to look like expensive decoration pieces. Amazon and eBay ship all over the world and you can get your Adecorty Wine Bottle Lights with Cork shipped to your doorstep.

Our Verdict

This decor for your Bottle is a winner in our eyes and at the same time, it’s a genuine idea of decorating bottles that have taken the world by storm as creative people would love the opportunity to be given LED string lights with a cork and decorate their cellars or their dinner tables according to themselves.

It is a great thing to have as it can make a room light up and also gives people around you great joy in using fairy lights as they really bring about a magical mood to the room. We would highly recommend these Bottle lights for the entire family in the holiday season as it would light up your home, and so your life.


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